Hindu Organizations in Myanmar condemn ARSA Terrorism and International Media Coverage

Hindu Organizations in Myanmar condemn ARSA Terrorism and International Media Coverage

Boutros Hussein, Noriko Watanabe, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Important Hindu organizations in Myanmar have condemned the Islamist terrorist organization called the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) for committing massacres against Hindus. At the same time, the All Myanmar Hindu Central Council and the Sanatan Dharma Swayamsevak Sangh have strongly rebuked the one-sided international spin that is ignoring the reality on the ground. In other words, ARSA Islamist terrorists have butchered innocent Buddhists, Hindus, and small tribal groups including the Mro tribe. Hence, many non-Muslims have been forced to flee areas hit hard by this terrorist group.

Despite Islamists attacking Hindus – and other non-Muslim groups – leading Hindu organizations desire to calm the situation by refusing to follow the ARSA bait of sectarianism. Therefore, a joint statement made by the two Hindu groups said, “We view this incidence as an organized terrorist attack [by the ARSA] on innocent civilians, not as a religious conflict between the two religions and so we urge our followers to maintain amity and avoid hatred with followers of all the other faiths.”

Of course, past history towards cleansing and erasing Hinduism in parts of South Asia, continuing after the creation of Pakistan, and following on in Bangladesh after the war between both nations, equates to ARSA Islamists following the usual path of anti-Hindu hatred. Yet, leading Hindu figures in Myanmar seek to unite all faiths in order to reduce the sectarian fires being set by ARSA.

Modern Tokyo Times reported, “Another massacre by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), a growing Islamist terrorist group, was unearthed after Hindu eyewitness accounts helped government authorities to find mass graves. On top of this, just like ISIS (Islamic State) is enslaving Yazidis in Iraq and Boko Haram is enslaving Christian women in Northern Nigeria, the historical reality of Islamist forces converting non-Muslims throughout South Asia and the Hindu Kush region remains within the Islamist mindset. This is based on ARSA only sparing Hindu women after they converted to Islam.”

The All Myanmar Hindu Central Council and the Sanatan Dharma Swayamsevak Sangh denounced ARSA terrorism in Rakhine, international media outlets for enormous bias, the false terminology of “Rohingya Hindu” that doesn’t exist, and the negative role of international organizations that are ignoring the plight of Buddhists, Hindus, and minority tribal groups including the Mro. Similarly, the role of such blatant one-sided coverage will further the terrorist dream by helping to recruit more terrorists to ARSA based on Islamist sectarian propaganda.

In one barbaric massacre by ARSA Islamists in and around the village of Ye Baw Kya, where a mass grave full of Hindus was found, Reuters reports the testimony of one female called Bina Bala. She told this news agency, “We watched as they tied each person, hands behind their back and also legs… They cut all their throats and pushed them into a hole.”



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