Honduras is under a State of Emergency to stem criminality

Honduras is under a State of Emergency to stem criminality

Kanako Mita and Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

Honduras sent the military police to the borders of three nations to stem the menace of regional drug gangs. This force of 600 members of the military police has been deployed to the borders of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

Gustavo Sanchez, the Police Chief, said he would commit 20,000 police officers internally to tackle gang activity.

Drug cartels blight countless nations from Colombia to Mexico – and further afield – that link Central America, North America, and South America. America is also a major problem. This concerns the huge narcotics market and weapons flowing from America to various drug cartels.

The leader of Honduras is alarmed by internal and external forces behind criminality related to drug trafficking and other forms of crime. Hence, President Xiomara Castro of Honduras recently declared a State of Emergency to cover vast areas of society.

AFP reports, “The state of emergency comes just days after hundreds of truckers protested in the capital Tegucigalpa to demand the government take steps to stop gangs from extorting a “war tax” from them.”

Castro is focused on clamping down on other forms of criminality. She declared, “This social democratic government is declaring war on extortion, just as it has, since the first day, declared wars on corruption, impunity, and drug trafficking.”

Castro continued, “We are going to eradicate extortion in every corner of our country.”

Lee Jay Walker says, “El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras are named under the “triangle of death.” This concerns homicidal gangs called “maras” – who control the narcotics trade and organized crime related to extortion, kidnappings, and so forth.”

Around one million Hondurans have fled the country and migrated to America.

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