India and Myanmar to strengthen military defense ties

India and Myanmar to strengthen military defense ties

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The nations of China, India, Japan, the Russian Federation, and many others, all view Myanmar in a positive light. Hence, for various reasons each nation seeks to boost ties with Myanmar. Of course, the geopolitical importance of this nation is the major factor and this overlaps in the area of future regional economic dynamics, power-based geopolitics, military ties, and other important areas.

Therefore, despite America putting pressure on Myanmar that infringes on the movements of Senior General Min Aung Hlaing – and other potent senior military personnel – it is clear that India isn’t concerned. Indeed, regional nations fully understand the mass complexity of Myanmar and how this nation is seeking to modernize and maintain the democratic path.

Similarly, certain Western nations are playing a dangerous game because they are strengthening the hand of China. In this light, major Asian democratic powers including India, Japan, and South Korea are all intent on providing Myanmar with having multiple options. On top of this, regional one-party-states like China and Vietnam seek to strengthen ties. Hence, it seems that certain Western nations are not only biased and out of step with regional dynamics – but the hypocrisy is also enormous. After all, America and other major Western powers have no qualms in assisting Saudi Arabia and its Sunni Muslim alliance that is fighting and devastating Yemen.

Thereby, the recent meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India and General Min Aung Hlaing was a boost to Myanmar. This important statement by India will further boost security ties between both nations. Equally important, it shows that Myanmar is heavily focused on having dynamic relations with various powerful nations despite Western pressure.

The Ministry of Defense of India uttered, “The talks were aimed at enhancing defense cooperation, review joint exercises and training provided to the Myanmar defense services, strengthen maritime security by joint surveillance and capacity building, medical co-operation, pollution response and for developing new infrastructure.”

The Ministry of Defense also pointedly stated, “Myanmar is a key pillar of India’s Act East Policy towards prioritizing relations with its East Asian neighbors. India has steadily increased defense co-operation with Myanmar in recent years.”

In a past article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stipulated, “In light of the geopolitical significance of Myanmar and the continuing path of strengthening democracy under Aung San Suu Kyi, it is imperative that senior Western nations open-up to this nation. Indeed, it is in the national interest of Western nations and leading Asian powers including India and Japan to strengthen ties with Myanmar. If not, then Myanmar will be forced further into the arms of China to a higher degree.”

India and Japan are extremely concerned about this. Hence, both nations seek to strengthen ties with Myanmar and the same applies to other nations including Vietnam. Overall, it is abundantly clear that certain Western powers are out of step; while political elites in China, India, Japan, the Russian Federation, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, and others, are focused either on the economic, geopolitical, and military angle – or a collection of both or all depending on the respective nation. Either way, India is notifying the world that powerful Asian democratic powers seek to boost ties with Myanmar in various ways based on mutual positives and the geopolitical angle.



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