Iran should focus on Shia Day and not Jerusalem Day: Takfiris, Sponsored Sectarianism and Killing the Shia

Iran should focus on Shia Day and not Jerusalem Day: Takfiris, Sponsored Sectarianism and Killing the Shia

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The Islamic Republic of Iran is entering a very dangerous period because the changing reality of the Middle East is increasing in its hatred towards the Shia. Of course, blatant anti-Shia policies and mass discrimination is nothing new but clearly Gulf feudal kingdoms like Saudi Arabia and Qatar are upping the ante by supporting Takfiri terrorism. At the same time, anti-Shia hatred is being financed within media networks, social media and other sources of information. On top of this, leading Sunni powers continue to support nations like Bahrain despite brutal policies being enacted against the Shia. However, despite everything, the usual rhetoric towards Israel is being issued by Iran. Therefore, while Jerusalem Day becomes a chance to increase pressure on Israel it surely should be in the interest of this nation to sponsor a Shia Day. After all, vast numbers of Shia Muslims are butchered year after year. Indeed, even in so-called moderate nations like Malaysia, it is clear that the Shia are also persecuted in this nation.

Ironically, many Palestinians are behind the killing of Alawites and the Shia in Syria (most Palestinians are loyal to the government of President Bashar al-Assad). Likewise, many terrorist attacks in Lebanon are also being linked with Palestinians. Therefore, even Jerusalem Day is ignoring a brutal reality because Takfiri Palestinians are involved in killing Alawites and Shia Muslims throughout the Levant. Also, the Muslim Brotherhood is no lover of Shia Islam and this can be seen by the policies of Hamas in Gaza and its changed policy towards Syria based on Qatar and other Gulf petrodollars.

Even during the latest Ramadan period vast numbers of Shia Muslims were killed by an array of Takfiri and Sunni Islamist terrorist groups. This notably applies to Iraq and Pakistan. Also, the blood keeps on flowing in other nations because Islamist Takfiri militants are slaughtering the Shia based on enormous hatred. Indeed, in countless videos in Syria it is clear that Takfiris and various sectarian Islamist forces are happy to behead Alawites and the Shia because they believe it is their religious duty. Therefore, will Iran adopt a special day of the year called Shia Day to recognize this fact – or will Iran keep on closing its eyes to this reality?

After all, in the eyes of radical Salafists, Takfiris, and an array of militant Sunni Islamist groups, it is clear that in their world the Shia and Jews are both “infidels.” Of course, it follows on that killing and persecuting other non-Muslims or minority Muslim groups is part of the course in the eyes of extremists. While in Saudi Arabia institutional discrimination is embedded within the Sharia Islamic legal system whereby apostates face death and clearly this nation isn’t alone. Also, in Saudi Arabia it is clear that the Shia face enormous problems because the elites in this nation don’t trust them openly therefore institutional discrimination is part of the course.

If Iran is anti-Israel and believes in the destruction of this nation state then that is the business of Iran. Yet in the last ten years how many Shia Muslims have been brutally murdered by Takfiris and various Sunni Islamist terrorist organizations? In Afghanistan al-Qaeda and the Taliban often slaughtered the Shia and today they are continuing to do so in Pakistan along with other terrorist groups. In Iraq the anti-Shia crusade is never ending and now Sunni Takfiri Islamist militants from all over the world are entering Syria in order to kill the Alawites and Shia. Of course, in Syria they also kill pro-government Sunni Muslims and Christians but their number one hatred is towards the Alawites and the Shia.

In truth, it is probably impossible to come to an exact number but it isn’t difficult to envisage at least 100,000 plus Shia Muslims (Alawites in Syria) being brutally murdered by extremist Sunni Islamist terrorist groups and Takfiris in the last ten years. How many Jews have killed Shia Muslims in this period and this applies to radical Jewish groups killing in the name of God?  Indeed, the Shia faith is allowed in Israel but in Malaysia the Shia religion is illegal but this doesn’t stop Iran from investing in Malaysia. Therefore, why is Iran closing its eyes to reality?

Shia Muslims in Bahrain must be thinking that they are second-class citizens in this country and this applies to the ruling Sunni elites, being abandoned by the international community and more worryingly being abandoned by Iran. The Iranian government also supports Hamas despite Hamas joining anti-Shia and anti-Alawite sectarian forces against the Syrian government. Therefore, what is Iran doing for the Shia in Bahrain? Also, is Iran’s support of the Shia in Bahrain equal to that of supporting anti-Shia elites in Hamas? Similarly, it is clear that Saudi Arabia is helping their co-religionists in Bahrain but Iran continues with its anti-Israeli rhetoric despite the reality on the ground.

The BBC reported: “Jerusalem Day in Iran is nominally about Jerusalem. Yet in content it is anything but. The slogans chanted during the rallies organized on Jerusalem Day are primarily “Death to Israel”, a refrain that sounds as familiar to Iranian ears as any political slogan can get. The speeches and sermons are a repeat of the same narrative over and over: Israel is a usurper regime – not a country – and as a state, it lacks legitimacy.”

“However, the repetition of this narrative, and the rhetoric that goes with it, has had the effect of turning the plight of the Palestinians, the victims in this narrative, into a given. Jerusalem Day has turned into an occasion that says more about the political mood in Iran than the Palestinians’ own situation.”

Despite daily terrorist attacks taking place against the Shia in many nations, it appears that Iran is content with Jerusalem Day while not backing a potent Shia Day to highlight the plight of the Shia in many nations. After all, in the real world the Shia are being slaughtered in vast numbers and they also face institutional discrimination in several nations. Of course, it is clear that Sunni Islamist sectarian militant groups and Takfiris are behind these massacres. It is equally clear that institutional discrimination against the Shia is based on the ruling Sunni elites in nations like Saudi Arabia and so many others. Indeed, even elements within the Palestinian community – applies to Hamas and Palestinians killing Syrians based on sectarianism in Syria (and Lebanon) – are also anti-Shia and anti-Alawite. Therefore, Iran needs to wake-up because to Takfiris, Salafists and elements within Hamas – the Shia like the Jews are both “infidels.”

Iran and Israel can hate each other until kingdom come and if Iran believes that the state of Israel is morally wrong then this is up to the government of Iran. Despite this, it is abundantly clear that all around Iran you have anti-Shia hatred that is leading to daily massacres. On top of this, countless Shia mosques have been blown up and even during holy days the Shia are targeted. Therefore, it is time for Iran to see that the real enemies of the Shia are much closer to home. This reality means that a Shia Day is badly needed in order to highlight the plight of the Shia and likewise Iran needs to focus on highlighting this reality to a much greater degree.


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