Iraq thanks Syria for bombing ISIS: Obama wants to help Sectarianism in Syria

Iraq thanks Syria for bombing ISIS: Obama wants to help Sectarianism in Syria

Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


President Obama of America is once more involved in new sinister intrigues because while the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is intent on carving up both Iraq and Syria respectively; the only reply to this reality is for Obama to seek to support more chaos and sectarianism in Syria. Indeed, it was noticeable how the onslaught by ISIS in Iraq followed naturally in the footsteps of military exercises in Jordan by America and countless other allies. At no point does ISIS, and other sectarian and Takfiri forces in Syria, fear either Israel or NATO Turkey. On the contrary, ISIS and other sectarian and Takfiri forces reside in the shadows of Israel, Jordan and NATO Turkey. Similarly, certain elements in the anti-Hezbollah and anti-Michel Aoun block in Lebanon are also playing with the Takfiri and sectarian devil.

The recent ISIS onslaught in parts of Iraq was met by the usual estrange ways of the Obama administration. This applies to the illogical need to boost anti-Syrian government forces in Syria that will only boost ISIS and other sectarian and terrorist forces. Iraq should take note because Gulf and NATO powers are participating in the entire sectarian agenda in Syria – and naturally this reality is undermining the nation state of Iraq.

After all, Takfiri sectarian forces in Syria are supported by various Gulf nations and Turkey – these nations are allies of America and obviously the destabilization of Syria began with utilizing the enormous military stockpiles left behind in Libya. At the same time, the so-called vetting by the CIA, MI6, DGSE, and other intelligence forces in Turkey and the Gulf, is a farce because terrorists are flooding into Syria and Iraq from all over the world. Indeed, the only vetting appears to be how to assist in arming various sectarian forces in Syria against the secular government of President Bashar al-Assad.

America and Western allies adore the word “democracy” when it suits but for the people of Syria they are damned if they vote or not. This neo-colonial point of view in America, France, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom is extremely galling. Therefore, for Syrians in the country and outside of this nation that support the Assad government they don’t count. This reality is behind Obama ignoring the election in Syria, just like America and other Western allies ignore the enslavement of women in the Gulf. Similarly, Saudi Arabia is a pedophile paradise because old men can marry little girls aged eight and of course the Kingdom of the House of Saud supports killing all apostates to Christianity. Of course, this doesn’t raise much of an eyebrow after all this reality is fully known.

Therefore, with Iraq facing more sectarianism and Takfiri barbarity it isn’t surprising to hear that Obama wants to raise funds in order to support more sectarianism and terrorism in Syria. Even anti-Syrian government forces outside of this nation can’t deny that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) often fights side by side with various Takfiri and sectarian forces. At other times, they turn against each other and kill because their one binding feature is killing, beheading, persecuting minorities and enforcing barbarity on anyone who happens to disagree with their rule.

Unlike the Obama administration that seeks to weaken central forces in Syria in order to boost ISIS, the government of Syria bombed this barbaric movement near the border of Iraq and Syria. Iraq is being endangered by America and fellow NATO and Gulf powers that have ignited sectarianism in Syria, with the result of endangering Lebanon and Iraq. At the same time Turkey under Erdogan doesn’t mind doing deals within Iraq outside of the power structures of Baghdad. This reality means that Iraq faces a dual threat of ISIS barbarity and the role of Turkey in ignoring central forces in this nation in the area of economics.

Meanwhile, while Gulf powers and Turkey are playing the sectarian card against the government of Syria – that clearly entails in endangering Iraq – the wisdom of Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani is coming into play. This notably applies to the Shia faithful listening passionately to the Grand Ayatollah in Iraq. However, this revered religious leader is also reaching out to all Iraqi nationals irrespective of religious affiliation.

The Grand Ayatollah knows full well that sinister forces outside of Iraq seek to set the nation alight once more based on sectarianism. Despite this, the revered Shia leader made it known that unity is essential because ISIS and other sectarian forces thrive on divisions within society. Therefore, irrespective of the political dimensions of modern day Iraq, it is clear that ISIS seeks to impose a draconian state on society whereby “year zero” will be implemented. Not surprisingly, unity calls are being made by Sunni and Shia leaders in Iraq because indigenous religious leaders fully know that Takfiris hate all and sundry. Likewise, religious scholars in Iraq fully understand that these brutal forces work within the shadows of Gulf and NATO powers.

Recently it was reported that Syria bombed ISIS within a border area between Iraq and Syria. The BBC reports:“Prime Minister Nouri Maliki of Iraq has told the BBC he supports an air strike on Islamist militants at a border crossing between Iraq and Syria… Military and rebel sources say the strike took place inside Iraq, at the Qaim crossing, although Mr Maliki said it was carried out on the Syrian side.”

However, while Syria is trying to stem the tide of ISIS the government of America is intent on boosting this Takfiri threat by supporting other sectarian forces in Syria against the central government. The New York Times reports: President Obama requested $500 million from Congress on Thursday to train and equip what the White House is calling “appropriately vetted” members of the Syrian opposition, reflecting increased worry about the spillover of the Syrian conflict into Iraq.”

Of course, the “appropriately vetted” only exists in the delusional minds of the Obama administration. Indeed, vast numbers of brutal massacres have happened by these so-called “vetted moderates” that are in fact sectarian in nature and are openly involved in mass banditry. Therefore, while Baghdad and Damascus are threatened by “year zero Takfiris” the Obama administration seeks to add further fuel to the fire by supporting more destabilization in Syria. This reality must open the eyes of the leader of Iraq because he knows full well that it is the allies of America in the Gulf and Turkey that are enabling the Takfiri, sectarian, seditious and terrorist virus to spread. Therefore, the governments of Iraq, Iran, Syria and the movement of Hezbollah need to work more closely together in order to stem the Takfiri and sectarian agenda emanating in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar – and which is being boosted by NATO Turkey and the utter bankruptcy of America, France and the United Kingdom.

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