ISIS Lures Shia Muslims to their Death in Iraq

ISIS Lures Shia Muslims to their Death in Iraq

Murad Makhmudov, Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


In Nigeria the Takfiri Islamist group Boko Haram killed countless Muslims that were doing late shopping for the festival of Eid in northeastern Nigeria. ISIS, in Iraq, following the same Takfiri Islamist logic, slaughtered over 120 innocent Muslims while enticing people with the hope of ice to escape high temperatures. Boko Haram also claims allegiance to ISIS but in Iraq it is clear that ISIS especially focuses on butchering Shia Muslims.

The atrocious attack in Iraq that took place in Khan Bani Saad highlights the utter depravity of ISIS. According to CNN the plot was based on Promising cheap relief from the scorching Iraqi summer heat, a suicide bomber with an ice truck lured more than 100 people to their deaths Friday.”

Khan Bani Saad was targeted because the majority of citizens are Shia Muslims therefore ISIS set in motion yet another atrocity based on sectarianism. Sadly, for the Shia in Iraq – and all civilians killed by terrorist attacks – the modus operandi of ISIS is merely following on from what al-Qaeda did prior to the rise of ISIS in this nation. In other words, Sunni Takfiri terrorist sectarian forces deem innocent civilians to be open targets based on their twisted logic.

Jan Kubis, United Nations Mission in Iraq, stated: “This horrible carnage is truly outside all boundaries of civilized behavior.”

Once more questions will be raised about security forces in Iraq but America and allied forces couldn’t equally quell terrorism. Indeed, the destabilization of Iraq since the American led campaign to oust Saddam Hussein is one of abject failure. This applies to opening up a Takfiri sectarian can of worms and altering regional dynamics too quickly based on no long-term planning.

Following on from this, the destabilization of Syria by Gulf and NATO powers then provided a new fresh impetus for sectarian Takfiri terrorist forces. Given this reality, the people of Iraq are once more victims of Gulf and Western powers that destabilize nations without thinking about the barbaric consequences.


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