ISIS power in Iraq based on the Takfiri, Terrorist and Sectarian go ahead against Syria

ISIS power in Iraq based on the Takfiri, Terrorist and Sectarian go ahead against Syria

Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Gulf and NATO powers have collectively enabled al-Qaeda affiliates, an array of Takfiri sectarian forces and other terrorist organizations to flourish throughout parts of North Africa, the Middle East and other adjacent areas. This reality is based on the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi in Libya and the ongoing destabilization of Syria. However, just like Mali and Tunisia have met the ill wind of Gulf and NATO meddling in Libya, the same reality applies to Lebanon and Iraq because these two nations face growing sectarian and terrorist threats based on the destabilization of Syria based on Gulf and NATO intrigues. Indeed, for the people of Iraq the recent tragedy is one long continuation of vacuums being filled by terrorist and sectarian forces.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Kosovo are all failures because you have three failed states, while in Kosovo the Orthodox Christians of this nation reside in ghettoes. Pakistan foolishly destabilized itself while firstly joining the coattails of America, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and several Gulf kingdoms; then based on continuing with this policy despite divisions emerging with America after September 11. However, Syria refuses to become a failed state just like the masses in Egypt refused to be enslaved by the intrigues of America, Qatar, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Suddenly, the failed state polices of major Gulf and NATO powers are becoming unstuck because Syria refuses to succumb despite all the pain and suffering. Indeed, the armed forces of Syria today are on the front foot despite the martyrdom of so many soldiers dying for an inclusive Syria.

Sadly for Iraq, the high death toll is once more a daily reality because al-Qaeda affiliates, various Takfiri forces, and sectarian terrorist movements, have been boosted by the folly being aimed at Syria. NATO Turkey is now a open conduit for an array of terrorist groups and this applies to manipulating border areas between Syria and Turkey and obtaining military supplies. This policy of assisting sectarian and terrorist forces in Syria is creating a nightmare for Iraq because radical groups like the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) have been emboldened and re-armed. Therefore, the religious cleansing of Alawites (Syria), Shia Muslims, Christians, Shabaks (Iraq) and Yazidis (Iraq) by ISIS

Of course, political elites in America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom, know that they can escape their terrorist, sectarian and destabilization intrigues because they control the game. This control applies to manipulating the mass media, utilizing the United Nations, bypassing the prospect of international criminal courts, putting pressure on nations to join them in their mass propaganda – and other sinister realities. After all, it is clear for all to see that terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria follows either the intrigues of Gulf and NATO powers – or based on the above named nations openly supporting sectarianism and terrorism.

ISIS is making the most of the intrigues of Gulf and NATO powers aimed at Syria. Therefore, Iraq is once more at the mercy of daily terrorist attacks and brutal sectarian murders. Indeed, reports now state that ISIS is gradually moving into areas adjacent to Baghdad, with the future intention being based on openly entering various parts of Baghdad. This reality can be seen by ISIS making limited forays into Nibai (northern areas of Baghdad) and in eastern areas in the province of Diyala. At the moment, it appears that ISIS is prodding into these areas based on installing fear.

It is true to say that ISIS is currently no match against the armed forces of Iraq on a whole, despite being able to cause mayhem. After all, if the numbers of ISIS fighters is to be believed then something is afoot because the Iraqi armed forces and Kurds should be able to hold their own. Therefore, it appears that political intrigues are also involved based on changing the political make-up of Iraq and possibly focusing on the “Kurdish issue.” However, despite this, the psychological factor related to forays by ISIS is significant because of their utter barbarity in killing, enslaving and forcibly converting people.

At the same time, it is abundantly clear that a strong central government in Syria is needed. Similarly, it is essential that Gulf and NATO intrigues are abandoned and that Turkey is prevented from continuing its policy of regional destabilization based on the “Ottoman dream” of Erdogan. After all, if the Syrian armed forces are free from outside intrigues then the ISIS threat within this nation can be brought under control. Yet currently, NATO Turkey and Gulf and Western meddling are enabling ISIS and other sectarian terrorist groups to flourish in Syria with the knock-on-effect causing untold misery for the people of Iraq. This is based on NATO Turkey being an open nation for international jihadists, obtaining military hardware, a base for various terrorist groups and allowing covert operatives from many nations to destabilize Syria.


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