Japan and over 300 daily Covid deaths

Japan and over 300 daily Covid deaths

Kanako Mita and Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

The administration of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is in “do nothing mode” concerning the coronavirus crisis (Covid-19). Hence, Japan accounts for the highest number of global infections in recent weeks. This is a far cry from the administrations of the late Shinzo Abe and Yoshihide Suga.

Lee Jay Walker says, “From the coronavirus crisis to the weakening of the Yen against the Dollar, the only notable thing Kishida does publicly is petty nationalism aimed at China and the Russian Federation. Indeed, despite Japan currently accounting for the highest number of coronavirus cases in any single nation globally, Kishida specifies that foreign tourists need tour guides. Therefore, even the coronavirus is a convenient petty nationalist angle for the Kishida administration.”

Kishida overtly relies on Western vaccines. Yet, with more deaths in 2022 already (by the middle of August) despite the overwhelming majority of people being vaccinated twice – and the majority being vaccinated three times: Kishida’s “do nothing” approach is one hundred percent focused on the economic fragility of Japan. Hence, implementing no emergency measures (or quasi-emergency measures) – which often brought down infection numbers despite the mildness of this policy – is enabling the coronavirus to spread to vulnerable groups to a higher degree.

The testimony to the “do nothing” approach of Kishida is that deaths are higher in 2022 (despite less than nine months). Also, despite the highest infections ever recorded in recent weeks, Kishida never entertained any forms of restrictions (apart from foreign tourists). Ironically, deaths were extremely low from coronavirus during 2020 despite no vaccines and limited knowledge: however, the Abe government in this period and the following Suga administration did enforce lockdowns and other measures.

Modern Tokyo Times recently said, “Japan isn’t alone in seeking to return to a full normal concerning the economic angle. However, why start this policy during the height of the crisis? Soon, 90 percent of all coronavirus cases in Japan will have happened under Kishida – similar to 50 percent of all deaths in Japan when he reaches his first year in office. This is despite the vaccine program already running before he became the leader of Japan. Therefore, while Kishida was swanning around the world sprouting anti-China and anti-Russia sentiments – the coronavirus crisis internally continued to spiral.”

The economic angle is important in Japan concerning the debt mountain. However, a modicum of balance during extremely infectious periods is needed. Also, the size of the elderly population in Japan means that policies need to be enacted differently in each nation concerning economic factors, age demographics, and so forth.

Since Kishida took office, deaths have increased at a higher rate despite over 90 percent of people having two injections and the majority having three injections. Over 50 percent of all deaths under Kishida will happen during his first year in office. This sums up Kishida’s coronavirus policy – rely on foreign vaccines and basically “do nothing.”

Meanwhile, the same Kishida seeks to double the military budget!

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