Japan and rising numbers of untraceable coronavirus cases: Lax for over two months

Japan and rising numbers of untraceable coronavirus cases: Lax for over two months

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

The people of Japan have been let down by the government and the Tokyo Governor because for two months they put the 2020 Tokyo Olympics first. Thus, rising numbers of coronavirus (Covid-19) cases that parallel with the postponement of the Olympics is testimony to something being amiss.

After all, the first reported case of coronavirus took place in the middle of January. Following on from this were tightening travel, increasing quarantine for Japanese people re-entering, and greater restrictions on foreign travelers. Despite this, somehow coronavirus cases are increasing after three months. This is despite Japan appearing to be on top of the situation during the Olympic distraction.

The usual pattern is that coronavirus enters the nation and it kills and spreads at different rates. Then, after countermeasures are put in place, the numbers gradually come down.

Yet, in Japan, the coronavirus jump parallels with the central government and the Tokyo Governor fighting to preserve the Olympics. This relates to at least getting a postponement because the main battle was preventing a complete cancelation. Hence, a strange impasse of over two months that relates solely to Japan.

To make matters worse, it seems that if you visit the sex trade establishments that are all over the country, notably mega-cities, then no enforcement for people to come clean. Hence, this fact – and quiet outside relationships by husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends – is preventing authorities from tracing the source of coronavirus.

Of course, other reasons for the 40 percent figure will apply. For example, the failure of government administration in monitoring. Thus, with 40 percent of untraceable cases by early April, it is clear that authorities aren’t able to protect wider society based on the utter selfishness of many people.

Tokyo is shockingly higher in being unable to track people in the last week.  Other parts of Japan are also over 40 percent. Hence, greater powers are needed to contain the coronavirus crisis. Otherwise, untold numbers of people will become infected and the coronavirus crisis will grow.

Questions need to be raised about the seriousness of the elites in tackling the coronavirus in the first two months. This notably applies to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his administration. Also, to a lesser extent, the Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike.

It is strange that political elites didn’t close down areas of sexual services that are far and wide throughout Japan. After all, the reluctance of people coming clean was already known when cases were less. Of course, in mega-cities, the sexual angle is extremely high, Thus, the government is admitting that the “entertainment angle” is part of the problem. This relates to the high number of untraceable coronavirus cases that threaten to engulf the people of Japan.

Other areas of untraceable cases relate to people being involved in relationships outside the sex industry and other non-sexual factors. Yet, with hotels, restaurants, and so forth not facing any type of lockdown until cases began to grow then the virus is gradually increasing.

Overall, the Abe administration and Koike have been focused on the Olympics too much until they at least got a postponement – and not the feared cancelation. Thus, the parallel of coronavirus cases after two months isn’t a coincidence. Similarly, their lack of action in stemming areas where the coronavirus would grow was never clamped down for more than two months.

Hence, the coronavirus crisis is extremely different from other nations where it entered and caused havoc. In Japan, it somehow took three months to reach the increasing level of known cases. Therefore, with known people not providing information – and others remaining silent while having coronavirus at home – then the government needs to take action against people not providing information.

If not, then many more people will suffer because of the selfishness of others and because of the inefficiency of political elites.


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