Japan and South Korea follow America like usual over Russia: Kosovo

Japan and South Korea follow America like usual over Russia: Kosovo

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Japan and South Korea look set to follow the anti-Russian Federation line by imposing sanctions concerning events between this nation and Ukraine. In truth, they usually rubber-stamp America’s countless wars – from Vietnam to Iraq.

Or if both nations don’t rubber-stamp – from Agent Orange on Vietnam to false dossiers concerning the war against Iraq – then both remain quiet and passive while utilizing the economic angles of war.

When America and its allies decided to take Kosovo from Serbia, neither Japan nor South Korea was too concerned. Hence, unlike many Asian and Central Asian nations not recognizing Kosovo being taken from Serbia, Japan and South Korea followed America. Therefore, the Russian Federation will note that anti-Moscow forces persist in Northeast Asia that directly correlates with American military bases being in Japan and South Korea.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said, “The Russian attack shakes the foundation of the international order that never tolerates unilateral change to the status quo by force, and we strongly condemn Russia.”

Of course, Kishida must have missed Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, taking Kosovo from Serbia, and too many wars to mention – directly or by proxy – involving America.

The Foreign Minister of Japan, Yoshimasa Hayashi – equally lacking in historical events concerning America – said, “We will never tolerate unilateral change to the status quo by force, so we strongly condemn this invasion.”

South Korea – following the same blinkered view of history and equally missing countless military wars enacted by America directly or by proxy – will also follow the path of America concerning economic sanctions against the Russian Federation.

The Korea Herald reports, “President Moon Jae-in on Thursday said that the country will cooperate with the international community, including measures such as sanctions against Russia, following Russian attack on Ukraine.”

Moon said, “As a responsible member of the international community, South Korea will support and join the international community’s efforts, including economic sanctions, to curb armed invasion and resolve the situation peacefully.”

When America was spraying Agent Orange all over Vietnam the response of South Korea was to join the war on the side of America and kill Vietnamese soldiers. Over 300,000 military personnel from South Korea went to Vietnam at the request of America. Therefore, from Vietnam to Kosovo – and countless other wars enacted by America directly or by proxy (supporting right-wing deaths squads in South America for many decades) – it seems that the leaders of Japan and South Korea have a collective memory loss.

China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, and the majority of nations in Asia and Central Asia population-wise refrain from recognizing the independence of Kosovo. Hence, once more, the two Northeast Asian powers act in tandem with America irrespective of the consequences of this posture decade after decade.

NATO expansion to the gates of the geopolitical space of the Russian Federation is never-ending. Even when the Russian Federation asked NATO to desist and provide guarantees of mutual security concerns, this military bloc turned a blind eye and continued with its folly.

The Guardian (Simon Jenkins), concerning the late Boris Yeltsin pleading with NATO powers not to move to the borders of Russia, reports, “The west blatantly derided the advice. Nato leaders feasted on victory, recruiting members eastwards through Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and the Baltic states. Pleas from Russian moderates were ignored, while London opened its doors to Russia’s stolen wealth. The result was predictable. In 1999, Vladimir Putin took power on a populist, patriotic ticket. To Britain’s former Moscow ambassador, Rodric Braithwaite, Putin was a master of articulating “the sense of humiliation Russians felt after the collapse of the Soviet Union”. He exploited Nato’s aggressive expansionism for all it was worth. When in 2008 America’s George W Bush backed extending Nato membership to Georgia and Ukraine (a move that was vetoed by Germany and France) Putin seized land in both.”

Japan and South Korea – Australia came into being based on European settlements that marginalized the indigenous with utter contempt – were the first two “real” Asian powers who followed Australia in recognizing Kosovo being taken from Serbia by brute force. The same two nations argue over rocks – ironically – but they didn’t mind the Serbian Orthodox Christian Jerusalem being handed to Kosovo on an American and British plate.

It is hoped that Ukraine and the Russian Federation can find a solution even during this darkest hour. Ukraine fully understands the geopolitical reality of NATO and that internationalizing the crisis is a path to more bloodshed. Therefore, it is hoped that honest brokers can be found to solve the protracted crisis that was created by NATO’s expansionist policies – and the double standards of certain members of the international community.


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