Japan art and flow of Europe: Fujishima Takeji

Japan art and flow of Europe: Fujishima Takeji

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Japanese artist Fujishima Takeji (1867-1943) fused various art themes to produce a plethora of exquisite art. Hence, the yoga (Western-style art) artworks by Fujishima naturally fuse impressionism and romanticism.

Fujishima also developed a deep respect for the Art Nouveau art movement. Thus he was always open to new ideas to expand various angles of his art. This innovative streak served him well.

Fujishima said, “When we speak of the art of painting, simplicité is, I believe, most important. Our first priority must be the composition of the picture plane, and to that end the artist must employ his ability to simplify by blurring tangled threads. . . . My job, both now and in the future, whether I am painting landscapes or painting portraits, is to remove every bit of excess and by doing so to paint only what must be painted.”

The Mie Prefecture website – concerning culture – says, “Fujishima Takeji (1867-1943), who had once lived in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, and his rival, Okada Saburosuke (1869-1939) both flourished from the Meiji period through the beginning of Showa period. They also have trained many artists and served as bellwethers.”

Fujishima studied under Togaku Hirayama (brush stroke techniques), Gyokusho Kawabata, Hosui Yamamoto, and Yukihiko Soyama throughout various parts of his life. Hence, he obtained a high degree of knowledge while also focusing on his own ideas. Therefore, during his time in Europe, he also developed further under other esteemed individuals.

The Marubeni Art Collection says, “In 1905, Fujishima traveled to Europe and studied under Fernand Cormon at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris in France and Carolus-Duran, President of the Academie de France in Italy. Cormon’s specialty was historical paintings, while Duran excelled in portraiture.”

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