Japan Art and Full Moon to Moonrise

Japan Art and Full Moon to Moonrise

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

All three Japanese art pieces focus on the moon. Hence, the moonrise to the full moon binds each art piece.

Above is a stunning print by Okuyama Gihachiro (1907-1981). He focuses on a stunning snow-filled landscape – illuminated by the striking full moon.

In stark contrast, Uehara Konen focuses on the moonrise in the middle of a vast open landscape. He was born during the 1870s during the Meiji Restoration (1868-1912) and died during the war period in 1940.

Konen produced early prints in the mōrō-tai (modernist style). These prints were in vogue during the late Meiji Period. Also, similar to other Japanese artists in this period, he was inspired by the growing encroachment of Western art and various angles conected to photography.

The final print is by Ohara Koson (1877-1945), who focuses on a bat flitting under the full moon.

The Toledo Museum says, “Ohara Koson was a master of the kacho-ga print—images of the natural world, but particularly of birds and flowers…”

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