Japan art and Imoto Tekiho: Shrouded in mystery

Japan art and Imoto Tekiho: Shrouded in mystery

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Japanese artist Imoto Tekiho was born in 1909. He studied under Dōmoto Inshō (1891-1975). Hence, Imoto left his native Oita and moved to Kyoto.

Dōmoto taught Imoto nanga-style landscape art. Accordingly, Imoto developed under the guidance of Dōmoto and produced stunning landscapes.

In the above art piece, Imoto produces a delightful landscape that focuses on tranquility through the prism of nature and sublime art. It is easy to imagine the person in the boat, taking in the surroundings of bamboo and enjoying the contours of the water.

Little is known about Imoto. However, it is known that from the 1930s, he began to produce delightful landscapes.

Imoto also produced other forms of art. The rabbits above lovingly feel relaxed. Therefore, despite vast areas of Imoto’s life remaining shrouded in mystery – his art is of extreme quality.

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