Japan art and Kamisaka Sekka: Rinpa art in a new light

Japan art and Kamisaka Sekka: Rinpa art in a new light

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Japanese artist Kamisaka Sekka (1866-1942) entailed that the world of rinpa (rimpa) art would reach future generations. He did this concerning his atmospheric and independent approach to the world of rinpa art.

His time in Glasgow (Scotland) in 1901 also influenced Sekka throughout his life. This concerns the world of Art Nouveau that was opened up to Sekka while staying in this cultural city. Therefore, the artistic traditions of Japan and Europe entwined his artistic soul: enabling Sekka to create amazing individualistic art that remains potent today.

Sekka studied under Zuigen Suzuki when a teenager. In his early twenties, Sekka would further develop his art under the guidance of Kokei Kishi. Hence, he studied various styles of art during his informative years.

The two most famous artistic series by Sekka are A Thousand Grasses (Chigusa) and A World of Things (Momoyogusa). His designs were remarkable and inspired many young artists. Therefore, his intriguing nature produced atmospheric art that embued culture, creativity, and amazing ideas.

Sekka is the last great artist of the rinpa art movement that enriched the Japanese art world for many centuries. His dreamy style – and the pure simplicity of his art wrapped in culture and ideas – enabled a new freshness to reach the lovers of art.


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