Japan art and Kano Hideyori: 16th-century art

Japan art and Kano Hideyori: 16th-century art

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Kanō Hideyori belongs to the sixteenth century. However, little is known about Hideyori and the artistic dynamics that shaped his life.

In the delightful folding screen titled “Maple Viewers,” Hideyori highlights many fascinating angles of Japan. The Shinto shrine to Buddhist monks talking to lay people – and ordinary people are represented by being dressed in their finest while enjoying nature at its best.

The Tokyo National Museum says, “He was an artist of the Kano school active in the mid-16th century, the beginning of the Momoyama period (1573–1603), when Kyoto was recovering from the destruction of the Onin War. Although this is a traditional painting depicting popular places in connection with the seasons, it presents a lively depiction of contemporary food, clothing, and amusements.”

The autumn scenery represents people enjoying a mild autumn’s day by the bank of the River Kiyotaki. This part of the river flows through Northern Kyoto. Hence, a fusion of backdrops and people enjoying the delights of nature.

Buddhism and Shintoism are represented respectively by the Jingoji Temple and Atago Jinja Shrine. Indeed, the Shinto shrine depicts snow and the onset of winter to follow the last days of autumn.


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