Japan art and Kasamatsu Shirō: Wandering deer and landscapes

Japan art and Kasamatsu Shirō: Wandering deer and landscapes

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Japanese artist Kasamatsu Shirō (1898-1991) witnessed many momentous events during his life. However, Shirō’s art was a constant theme throughout his life.

He created delightful shin hanga (new prints) and sosaku hanga (creative prints) prints over many decades – to the delight of his admirers.

In the first art piece, the wandering deer, skyline, and the feeling of serenity fuse naturally in this lovely print. The color scheme by Shirō works delightfully.

In the art piece above, the color scheme contrasts completely – apart from bright colors appearing because of the lights from the houses. The snow-filled landscape, mountain backdrop, the light of dusk, and the coziness of the houses work magically together – despite the harsh winter environment.

In the final art piece, a delightful pond and the shrine in the background highlight a lovely place to visit in Tokyo. One can easily imagine both individuals enjoying every moment – despite the coldness of winter.

The art pieces in this article span the 1930s to the early 1950s. In his later life, he focused on sosaku hanga and created many stunning prints despite the encroaching years.

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