Japan art and Kikuchi Keigetsu (1879-1955)

Japan art and Kikuchi Keigetsu (1879-1955)

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Japanese artist Kikuchi Keigetsu (1879-1955) was a member of the Imperial Household Artist and the Japan Art Academy. He studied various forms of Western art – including Cubism and Fauvism.

Keigetsu visited several European nations. He especially felt the artistic and cultural traits of England, France, and Italy.

The Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art says, “Kikuchi Keigetsu was born in Nakano City, Nagano Prefecture. He trained under Kikuchi Hobun, who became his father-in-law. Keigetsu went to Europe and was inspired by Italian early Renaissance paintings. After returning to Japan, he studied Buddhist art, classical Japanese art, and other styles, and established a neoclassical Japanese-style of painting with tightly spaced lines and bright colors.”

The Hiroshima Museum of Art says, “A Japanese-style painter of the Kyoto circle. He was active in the Salon of Japan.”

Keigetsu initially studied art under Katei Kodama. However, after relocating to Kyoto, he studied under Kikuchi Hobun. In time, Keigetsu became firmly established within the art world of Kyoto.

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