Japan art and Takahashi Biho: Birds in the snow

Japan art and Takahashi Biho: Birds in the snow

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Japanese artist Takahashi Biho was born in 1873. However, the year of his death remains unknown. Hence, little information survives about Takahashi.

In this article, the emphasis is on birds in the snow. After all, Takahashi produced stunning kacho-e (birds and flowers).

In the above art piece, a sparrow is near nandina berries – in the snow. The delightful image by Takahashi highlights the beauty of nature. Therefore, a stunning kacho-e art piece.

In the first and third art pieces, Takahashi focuses on crows. Once more, snow is central to both images. Thus in both art pieces, the crows are fighting the wintery elements.

In the final kacho-e art piece, berries are once more central to another delightful art piece by Takahashi. Hence, while little is known about Takahashi: his kacho-e art pieces are extremely stunning!

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