Japan art and Yoshimoto Gesso: Kacho-ga and landscapes

Japan art and Yoshimoto Gesso: Kacho-ga and landscapes

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Japanese artist Yoshimoto Gesso (1881-1936) produced lovely kacho-ga (birds and flowers) and landscapes. He lived during a time of rapid change and the shin hanga (new prints) art movement focused heavily on the European and North American markets.

In the first art piece, one sparrow is looking out at the snow-filled environment. The other sparrow is more active. However, the simplicity of the scene and the environment works a treat.

In the above art piece, Gesso produces a stunning landscape. This concerns the elements of rocks with the vast sea in the background. Also, the skyline is a delightful color – with the small boat highlighting the calmness of the sea.

Not much is known about Gesso apart from his art being published by Hasegawa and Nishinomiya. Also, the publisher focused on the markets of Europe and North America. Therefore, the shin hanga art movement had a following outside of Japan among art collectors and other areas.

In the above art piece, a cuckoo is facing the elements. This concerns rain and the backdrop of the darkening sky. Overall, Gesso’s art focused heavily on kacho-e and landscapes.

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