Japan artist illuminates a classic Dutch art piece by Hendrick Avercamp

Japanese artist illuminates a classic Dutch art piece by Hendrick Avercamp

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The contemporary Japanese artist Sawako Utsumi is once more focusing on the world of Dutch art. This time it is Hendrick Avercamp (1585-1634), unlike past art pieces that focused on Esaias van de Velde (1587-1630) and Aert van der Neer (1603-1677). Therefore, the delightful different color scheme and various different angles once more come to the fore in the latest art piece by Utsumi.

Avercamp had to overcome adversity because it is widely believed he was deaf and a mute. This is based on documentation that stipulates his name being the Kampen Mute. Hence, one can only imagine how Avercamp overcame such obstacles and how society treated him.

Irrespective of this, his early landscapes were extremely impressive. At the same time, Avercamp was inclined to include anecdotes that challenge the ideas of religious fervor in this period of history. For example, in the art piece titled “Winter Landscape with Skaters,” you have a couple making love and other interesting anecdotes.

Turning back to Utsumi, this artist focuses on the original art piece titled “Winter Scene on a Canal” and then alters it dramatically based on the color scheme and other areas. This notably applies to the rapid reduction of people and houses that seem more magical. Therefore, as usual, Utsumi creates a delightful art piece called “The Illumination of Avercamp through the Prism of Japanese Eyes.”

On the Rijks Museum website, it stipulates, “Avercamp had originally been taught in Amsterdam by Pieter Isacksz, and specialized in winter landscapes. He adopted the Flemish tradition, which was continued in Amsterdam by Gilles van Coninxloo and Pieter Vinckboons. Avercamp’s early landscapes have a clear narrative in style, often containing risqué anecdotes. Later, his work acquired a more atmospheric quality.”

Over the last year, Utsumi is increasingly focused on oil paintings and this is clearly creating a greater level of creativity, passion, and generating a delightful angle to her art. Equally, the subject matter influenced heavily by Lee Jay Walker, is very unique. Hence, subject matters including Buddhism, Dutch art from the seventeenth century, the Kano School, Northern England, and Shintoism is extremely unique and based on the magical fusion of an amazing artist who continues to grow and develop – along with the creative ideas of her non-artistic mentor.



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