Japan Fashion News: Gucci to Commemorate 50 Years Since Entering Japan

Japan Fashion News: Gucci to Commemorate 50 Years Since Entering Japan

Hiroshi Saito and Michel Lebon

Modern Tokyo Times


Luxury fashion is adored throughout Japan and internationally the “Japanese fashion apple pie” is famous. Gucci is known throughout the world and in Japan this exquisite fashion House first entered the Japanese market in 1964. Therefore, Gucci will hold many events throughout 2014 to mark fifty years in the land of the rising sun.

Not surprisingly, Gucci opened its first store in the capital city of Japan. Similarly, this amazing brand decided on the extravagant and leafy district of Ginza in the ultra modern city of Tokyo. Ginza is famous for Japanese and international luxury brands despite fast fashion making recent inroads. However, overall Ginza is a district that continues to pull in the crowds because of the luxury fashion angle.

Of course, Gucci will have faced many difficult periods in Japan because over the last few decades the economy on the whole is mainly stagnant to little growth. Despite this, luxury brands still have rich pickings in Japan because many Japanese nationals adore and appreciate quality fashion items. Therefore, despite many sectors suffering over the last few decades it is still abundantly clear that luxury brands can obtain high sales and profits providing they remain one step ahead and know how to connect with the changing vibes.


It is easy to imagine that when Gucci entered the Japanese market in 1964 that this amazing brand found many complex realities related to different thought patterns. On top of this, different fashion vibes, ways of shopping, understanding the power of loyalty, the need for quality service, architectural angles – and a host of other complex issues – must have challenged Gucci from the outset. However, the innovative reality of the Gucci brand meant that this fashion House understood the need to remain loyal to what makes this company unique, while at the same time adapting and fusing various facets of the indigenous culture.

Even though Gucci opened up for business in 1964 this fashion House first made contacts with Japan in the 1940s. The upshot of this was that Gucci imported Japanese bamboo. This in turn enabled the famous Bamboo bag to be created.


Therefore, for Gucci fashion lovers 2014 will witness events throughout the year in order to commemorate fifty years in Japan. Of course, with Gucci being Gucci, then expect this fashion House to open up many unique angles to this delightful luxury brand.

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