Japan gives 900 million dollars to COVAX: Only 1 percent fully vaccinated against Covid at home

Japan gives 900 million dollars to COVAX: Only 1 percent fully vaccinated against Covid at home

Sawako Utsumi and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo Times

Government debt in Japan is enormous. However, Japan keeps on supporting the international community even when people need more assistance internally. Indeed, at a time when people in Japan are dying at home from coronavirus (Covid-19) in Osaka because of the shortage of hospital beds, the political elites still feel fit to give 900 million dollars to COVAX to fight coronavirus internationally.

Japan already provided 200 million dollars to COVAX. However, NHK reports, “The Japanese government is planning to give about 700 million additional dollars to the COVAX Facility, an international framework aimed at ensuring that coronavirus vaccines are distributed fairly.”

Ironically, only 1 percent of people in Japan have been fully vaccinated while below 3 percent have had one vaccination. Yet under Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga – just like leaders before him – he can kindly give away people’s taxes to foreign nations while neglecting people at home.

Japan’s fully vaccinated program of 1 percent is below nations that include Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Laos, Nepal, Tunisia, and Zimbabwe. This ridiculously low 1 percent of fully vaccinated people in Japan (May 12 figures) is well below Israel 56.2, Chile 38.1, Bahrain 36.7, United States 35.5, United Kingdom 27.6, Hungary 26.6, and countless other nations.

Despite no internal vaccine and a slow internal vaccination program, Japan still seeks to support the international community. Of course, one focus of the foreign ministry of Japan is that China and the Russian Federation are helping many nations after creating several internal vaccines.

Lee Jay Walker says, “At a time when people in Japan need economic support – especially the low-wage, temporary workers, part-time workers, single-parents, poor pensioners, and others – the government of Suga is more concerned about the Olympics, increasing the military expenditure, supporting the international coronavirus campaign (COVAX), and other grand plans. Yet people in Japan desire to be vaccinated and for the government to help people struggling rather than neglecting their plight.”

Overall, while Suga isn’t the first leader to neglect people in Japan, it is still extremely shoddy that he negates the people of Japan during the coronavirus crisis. Hence, the Suga administration should ramp up the internal vaccination program, help with internal medical shortages, and provide economic support for millions of people struggling internally rather than lofty international ideals.

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