Japan is ending 2022 with the highest number of daily Covid deaths

Japan is ending 2022 with the highest number of daily Covid deaths

Kanako Mita and Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

The coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis in Japan under Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is deteriorating. This concerns the number of deaths and infections. Therefore, the last week of 2022 is grim.

Indeed, for the first time, over 400 people died in a single day in Japan. Hence, the death toll is now slightly over 56,200 – the overwhelming majority of deaths have occurred during the Kishida administration.

The highest number of daily deaths happened in Hokkaido (38), Kanagawa (33), and Saitama (26). Thus from north Japan to the bordering prefectures of Tokyo. Meanwhile, the highest number of daily infections occurred in Tokyo (22,063), Aichi (15,443), and Osaka (13,962).

Shinzo Abe (killed brutally by a lone assassin) took strong measures from the outset of the coronavirus entering the country. Yoshihide Suga also initially followed a similar pattern. Hence, State of Emergencies (mild compared with draconian nations including the United Kingdom) or quasi-State of Emergencies were declared to contain infections when they began to increase.

Early within the Kishida administration (Oct 2021), he focused on the economic angle and the vaccine program that was in place before he became the prime minister. Thus approximately 66% of all deaths from the coronavirus happened in 2022.

Lee Jay Walker says, “Shockingly, 94 percent of all infections and just shy of 70% percent of all deaths have happened since the Kishida leadership began. This is despite the vaccine program already being in place and the availability of better drugs. However, even when a new wave of coronavirus infections emerges, Kishida takes little action internally.”

The deaths are likely to flow until the coronavirus weakens by itself – or a vaccine emerges or antivirals that can finally stem the tide of deaths. Thus daily deaths have reached new highs during the final week of 2022.

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