Japan News: Increasing daily Covid-19 deaths in Japan but a downward infection curve

Japan News: Increasing daily Covid-19 deaths in Japan but a downward infection curve

Kanako Mita and Chika Mori

Modern Tokyo Times

Japan reached a new daily high of 119 deaths from coronavirus (Covid-19) yesterday. However, in the last week, a definite downward trend of daily coronavirus infections is happening throughout Japan. Thus, the new high daily death rate is based on a time lag when infections were growing. Also, the virus is entering the elderly population to a higher degree in parts of the country.

In the last three days, the daily infection rate fell below 3,000. This is a marked improvement. Hence, while many hospitals remain stretched based on the lack of a unified health care response, the decreasing infection rate provides a glimmer of hope that the latest surge is weakening.

Tokyo, mirroring the increasing death rate but decreasing coronavirus infections, witnessed a record 23 daily deaths. At the same time, infections fell below 1,000 for the fifth day in a row. Therefore, the time lag is responsible and the same applies to more elderly citizens getting the coronavirus.

Tokyo also recorded the figure of 100,000 infections in the capital since the coronavirus crisis began. Hence, with tests being limited compared with other major cities in the developed world, one can only imagine the real number of infected people.

Fears persist that the Suga government and the Olympic angle will usher in too much optimism based on combatting the coronavirus. Thus a full-throttle economic approach may once more usher in a new future cycle of coronavirus infections later in the year despite the promise of vaccinations.

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