Japan News: PM Suga and tourism and the Olympics while more Covid-19 highs

Japan News: PM Suga and tourism and the Olympics while more Covid-19 highs

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The recent leadership of Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga in Japan is one of lack of compassion when it comes to the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis. Similarly, the same can be said of Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike. Hence, Suga, like the leader of Tokyo, is still over-focused on the economic angle and the Olympics – rather than a coronavirus circuit break.

Of course, with new daily highs in Tokyo of over 1,300 coronavirus cases and nationally of over 4,500; then Suga and Koike may have to declare a state of emergency. However, why did both allow the crisis to increase and develop for so long before taking possible action?

NHK reports, “Suga vows that his government will push ahead with preparations to hold safe and secure Olympic and Paralympic Games in the summer, which he says would symbolize the unity of the world. The 2020 Tokyo Games were postponed for one year due to the pandemic.”

Equally, Suga promises to support rural communities based on agricultural reforms and tourism. Yet, the situation at hand is the coronavirus crisis and not easy words. After all, new versions of coronavirus are more infectious. Also, it is abundantly obvious that Suga’s obsession with funding tourism helped to spread the coronavirus crisis.

Indeed, even when infections began to climb in Japan, Suga still tried to ply the tourism angle until his ratings began to tumble. Likewise, in Tokyo, it is endless empty words and inaction by Koike. After all, she was distracted at the start by the Olympics – and then her reelection – and likewise her emphasis remains on economics and the Olympics that are planned later this year. Therefore, the coronavirus crisis is growing in Tokyo.

Yet, it looks like Suga and Koike will be forced to act because the coronavirus crisis is increasing in Japan.



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