Japan police custody abuse: Diabetic male dies after being beaten and left naked

Japan police custody abuse: Diabetic male dies after being beaten and left naked

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

A horrendous case is emerging of police brutality in Aichi Prefecture. This took place at the Okazaki Police Station.

The police arrested a 43-year-old male who was unemployed on minor charges. He informed the police that he was a diabetic. Also, he told them that he suffered from mental health issues. However, instead of helping a vulnerable person – the last few days of his life were hell on earth.

It is known that he refused to eat and became agitated. Yet, instead of seeking professional help – concerning his health condition – the police used brutal procedures and abused him beyond comprehension.

The Asahi Shimbun reports, “A police station security camera caught multiple officers kicking a handcuffed 43-year-old diabetic man who died in custody there earlier this month after being denied medication, according to sources.”

He was often left naked and was restrained by a rope and handcuff belt for several days. During this time, he was beaten, humiliated, and mocked. Also, the police didn’t seek medical help concerning him being a diabetic.

The Daily Mainichi reports, “Investigations into the death of a man held at a central Japan police station have revealed he was left naked and bound with his head in a toilet bowl, and a senior official is among those suspected of assaulting him, a source close to Aichi Prefectural Police has told the Mainichi Shimbun.”

His last few days on this earth consisted of being naked and restrained for over 100 hours. His vulnerable state of mind – and health condition concerning his diabetes – worsening by the hour from physical abuse, mental abuse, and conditions beyond reasoning. Therefore, one can only imagine his fear, pain, and suffering!

His 71-year-old father – knowing how his son died – is in shock.

He said, “I have nothing but a sense of distrust in the police… My son was treated worse than an animal…”

His son died on December 4 after being found dead. It is known that high-ranking police officers also abused and humiliated the diabetic male who was suffering from mental health issues.



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