Japan politics: Komeito opposes LDP focus on increased military spending

Japan politics: Komeito opposes LDP focus on increased military spending

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The general election of the Lower House will take place in Japan on October 31. However, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), under Fumio Kishida, is upsetting the junior Komeito Party that is part of the ruling coalition.

This rebuke by Komeito concerns the promise of doubling the military defense budget. Especially given the economic hardship of people hit by the economic coronavirus (Covid-19) convulsions. Hence, Komeito is warning the LDP that many people in Japan “…will not accept it if only defense spending suddenly doubles.”

Natsuo Yamaguchi, the leader of Komeito, uttered the words above. He continued, “As the birth rate declines and the population ages, we will need to put more resources toward social security and education.”

The LDP will counter-argue that China and North Korea are continuing to develop weapons of mass destruction – similar to the Russian Federation and South Korea, which are modernizing their armed forces. Henceforth, all nations that share the geopolitical space of Northeast Asia are focused on expanding their respective armed forces.

Of course, the main concern for the LDP is the nation of China and supporting America’s containment policy of this country. Japan is also concerned by the military angle of North Korea. While being dragged into the anti-Russian Federation policies of America – despite Japan being more open to this nation.

Yamaguchi – unlike leading figures in the LDP – believes that Japan should abide by its military defense posture that was implemented postwar. Hence, Japan should focus on the defensive nature of its armed forces and not become entangled by regional issues. However, the LDP is increasing its relationship with Taiwan and fully supports America’s containment policy of China. Therefore, anti-China statements have become the norm in the last year by the ruling LDP.

Modern Tokyo Times recently stated, “Opposition parties, sensing the vulnerability of the LDP, are to nominate one single candidate with the best opportunity to defeat the LDP candidate when possible. Ironically, Kishida is citing that this is unfair. However, for many of the electorate, it is unfair for leaders to come from the same political families. Therefore, it is incumbent on opposition parties to persuade people to vote.”

Henceforth, the ruling LDP will be worried by the words of Komeito – the junior partner in the ruling coalition. For uncertainty prevails about the upcoming election in Japan despite history favoring the LDP.


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