Japanese Art by Sawako Utsumi: Modern Reflection of Sakai Hoitsu

Japanese Art by Sawako Utsumi: Modern Reflection of Sakai Hoitsu

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The Japanese artist Sakai Hoitsu was born in the middle of the eighteenth century and religion would impact greatly on him during the last two decades of his life. He admired Ogata Korin greatly (1658-1716) and this can be seen earnestly within his art. Intriguingly, Sawako Utsumi (Utsumi Sawako) in modern Japan also focuses on an independent reproduction of Sakai Hoitsu. This is clearly visible in her latest piece of art titled “Modern Reflection of Sakai Hoitsu.”

In the early art career of Sakai Hoitsu he studied at the famous Kano School and clearly culture, structure, patience, refinement and tradition became embedded within his artistic soul. After this, he studied under Utagawa Toyoharu therefore ukiyo-e and new concepts entered his art.


Sakai Hoitsu (art piece above) further developed his art under Watanabe Nangaku and So Shiseki, with the later being responsible for nanga. However, like Britannica reports, Sakai Hoitsu “…was particularly influenced by the decorative style of Ogata Kōrin, which he succeeded in reviving. He published Kōrin hyakuzu (“One Hundred Paintings of Kōrin”) and Ogata-ryū ryakuin-fu (“Album of Simplified Seals in the Ogata Style”) in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Kōrin’s death.”

In 1797 the refined artist Sakai Hoitsu became a Buddhist priest therefore much of the latter part of his life was based on splendid seclusion. This reality also enabled him to focus greatly on Ogata Korin. At the same time, Sakai Hoitsu also adored haiku therefore high culture ran throughout his inner soul.


Sawako Utsumi equally adores many aspects of art, culture, nature and certain areas related to spirituality. Equally important, this modern artist from the land of the rising sun fully understands the amazing art of Sakai Hoitsu and Ogata Korin. Therefore, her art piece titled “Modern Reflection of Sakai Hoitsu” is a natural reflection of her intriguing art.

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