Japanese Artist and Stunning Derbyshire: New Mills and Brailsford Christian Church

Japanese Artist and Stunning Derbyshire: New Mills and Brailsford Christian Church

Lee Jay Walker

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The stunning landscape of the High Peak in Derbyshire is a real treasure and the same applies to the surrounding area. This applies to stunning nature, amazing villages within the mountain landscape, beautiful rivers, adorable Christian churches, tranquil canals and so much more. Therefore, Sawako Utsumi, like so many others before her, fell in love with the adorable landscape of Derbyshire.

In the art piece titled New Mills in its Natural Beauty, the natural landscape is illuminated to an adorable level. Not only this, on the edge of the art piece, almost hidden, is a link to the industrial revolution. On top of this, the modern bridge is highlighted and this multi-dimensional approach blends so beautifully with the natural landscape of New Mills.


Likewise, Sawako Utsumi, in her art piece titled New Mills and Reflection of Spring, focuses on the same background theme but with some modifications in relation to a minor difference in relation to the time of the year. Intriguingly, despite the similarities of both art pieces the purpose works out perfectly. After all, how many times do people go on similar walks but see different things, irrespective of how minor. Therefore, the idea behind New Mills in its Natural Beauty and New Mills and Reflection of Spring work intriguingly within the mindset of the artist.

In another art piece titled Brailsford Church in Splendid Nature you can feel the richness of Derbyshire. This equally applies to amazing architecture and the continuity of Christianity in this part of England. Of course, this may sound like an over simplification because many village Christian churches are struggling in parts of the country. However, in this part of Derbyshire the ideal landscape and adorable Christian churches that dot places like Bamford, Brailsford, Edale and Hathersage (to name just a few stunning villages) tend to nullify all notions of negativity.


Overall, Sawako Utsumi is not only creating stunning pieces of art but the artist is also intent on providing hidden dimensions. This applies to highlighting how the natural landscape blends so beautifully together with the old world and modern world.

http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/sawako-utsumi.html – Sawako Utsumi and where you can buy her art, post cards, bags, and other products. Also, individuals can contact her for individual requests.






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