Japanese Contemporary Artist and Hakone

Japanese Contemporary Artist and Hakone

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The contemporary Japanese artist Sawako Utsumi recently produced another adorable art piece that focused on the natural landscape of Hakone. True to the nature of Utsumi, she bypassed the possibility of focusing on Mount Fuji that can be seen in parts of Hakone and other more famous landmarks. Instead, the first impression of Hakone inspired her, rather than the vast majority of tourists who move on to other parts of Hakone on arrival.

In the art piece titled “Hakone in Natural Splendor,Utsumi focuses strongly on the stunning river that flows in the vicinity of your arrival. This applies to people arriving via the Hakone-Yumoto train station before the majority of tourists moving on to other parts of Hakone. Of course, some people stay in this part of Hakone because of several fine hotels and spas. However, in general, it is a base to moving to other areas because of the stunning natural scenery of Hakone, the rich cultural heritage, and the religious setting and legacy of Shintoism.

Utsumi, herself, adores walking by rivers and streams because she loves nature and watching birds – notably kingfishers and dippers that illuminate the natural settings. Hence, it seemed natural that Utsumi would focus heavily on the river based on the twists and curves – and various colors that hit the eyes.

She states, “Walking by the river is where I can escape the stresses of life. It is where nature and the flow of water seem free from the terrible excesses of humanity. Yet, in truth, even the most serene landscape can be an illusion because of pollution and the struggle to survive. Despite this, in moments of wanton forgetfulness, I can dream about a world outside of negativity when I walk along the river bank.”

Overall, just like tourists seek to escape modern life by visiting amazing tourist areas like Hakone, the artist also enables you to escape because of the stunning landscape Utsumi produces. Hence, the river and mountain landscape renders the impact of humans to be secondary and inconsequential. Therefore, another adorable art piece by the contemporary Japanese artist Sawako Utsumi based on the richness of nature.




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