Judiciary in Venezuela accused of assisting state oppression by UN fact-finding Mission

Judiciary in Venezuela accused of assisting state oppression by UN fact-finding Mission

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The government of Venezuela under President Nicolás Maduro is heavily focused on power concentration. Henceforth, the state apparatus – and all tools available to preserve power are utilized – just like in Nicaragua and other nations that fear genuine democracy.

Due process violations by the state apparatus are being rubber-stamped by the judiciary in Venezuela according to the latest fact-finding mission authorized by the Human Rights Council. Thus, the latest findings by an independent United Nations (UN) fact-finding mission back up a similar report of twelve months ago.

The findings are shocking by the severity of state oppression and the role of the judiciary in Venezuela. Hence, systematic torture is known to exist along with arbitrary killings by the state apparatus under Maduro.

Historically, the Americas is testimony to the open manipulation of the state apparatus. This applies irrespective if government oppression was right-wing or left-wing. Equally, the murky role of America via the CIA is extremely troubling concerning the training of right-wing death squads and assisting brutal regimes. Therefore, nations including Chile, Colombia, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua (from Somoza to the Sandinistas), Peru, Venezuela, and a host of others have a bloody past.

However, for Venezuela – and a few other nations including Nicaragua – the tyranny of the state continues today.

UN News reports, “In some of the cases reviewed, judges also failed to protect victims of torture by ordering that they return to the places of detention where the torture allegedly occurred, despite having heard victims – sometimes bearing visible injuries consistent with torture – make the allegation in court.” 

The independence of the judiciary is under constant attack in Venezuela. Hence, Maduro continues to alter the legal system to preserve the power mechanisms of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela. This concerns amended laws to favor the state apparatus against independent judges and prosecutors. Also, widespread intimidation and job insecurity are being utilized by the government of Venezuela.

It is no coincidence that Venezuela and Iran have cordial relations. After all, power concentration and the violation of human rights go hand-in-hand in both nations. Therefore, sexual violence against detainees, torture, and deaths are part and parcel of the body politic of Venezuela, Iran, and other draconian nations where the state apparatus dictates all power control mechanisms.


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