Kiev Elites in Ukraine given Green Light to Slaughter by NATO, EU, US and G7

Kiev Elites in Ukraine given Green Light to Slaughter by NATO, EU, US and G7

Ramazan Khalidov, Ri Kuk-Chol and Michiyo Tanabe

Modern Tokyo Times


The elites within the Western block already took sides before events unfolded in the Ukraine. Indeed, just like Yugoslavia, but in reverse, one nation state was deemed worthy to destroy quickly – while the Ukraine is being supported in order to maintain a unitary state. This reality, just like in the former Yugoslavia, meant that Western powers encouraged the crisis to unfold rapidly, believing that a new pro-Western and pro-NATO putsch for power – based on elites in Kiev – would succeed. However, ordinary Russian citizens supporting a federal system and a nation state based on ethnic and linguistic equality, refused to bow down to the new diktats of Kiev.

Sadly, the upshot of encouraging political dissent in Kiev in order to take over the political apparatus is the deaths of approximately 1,500 people. This figure will continue to grow because political elites in Kiev have been given the green light by the EU, US, NATO and G7, to do whatever is necessary, in order to crush a sizeable minority of the population that opposes the whims of Kiev. In other words, so-called democratic nations are funding, supporting and providing political assistance to the new leaders in Kiev. The upshot of this reality is the daily killing of innocent civilians and destroying the infrastructure of Eastern cities, towns and villages that oppose the new Kiev diktat.

Sergei Shoigu, the Russian Defense Minister, rebuked Kiev strongly because of the usage of heavy weapons in civilian areas. RIA Novosti reports that: “The Russian defense minister…stressed that the use of combat aviation and heavy artillery, including multiple-launch rocket systems and missiles against civilians and civilian infrastructure in the region was unacceptable.”

Lee Jay Walker at Modern Tokyo Times says: “Indeed, not only is it unacceptable, but it is abundantly clear that while Western powers are supporting Takfiri terrorists against secular Syria; the new Western democratic order is also supporting such heavy military arms against civilian areas in the Ukraine. Not only this, it is the funding and covert operative training of certain EU nations and America that are paying for this. After all, the Ukraine relies on loans and needs Western encouragement in order to enforce a new diktat on all the people of the Ukraine. This equally applies to manipulating the mass media, keeping the massacre of Russian civilians from the television screens of the masses and utilizing social media in order to spread enormous distortions.”

At the same time, the daily mantra of the Russian Federation utilizing its own geographic space in the military realm is met with condemnations. Yet, NATO encroachment, and the shenanigans of America, appears to be fine according to the majority of the mass media in the West. Like usual, America’s reach appears to account to every continent. Similarly, NATO expansion is a constant reality and clearly this is based on encroaching on the geopolitical space of the Russian Federation.

In other words, political elites in Kiev are killing Russians in the East of Ukraine based on the support of NATO, America, the EU and G7. At the same time, it is NATO powers and the EU that is encroaching further eastwards and obviously this is aimed at the Russian Federation. After all, the Warsaw Pact is dead and buried. Despite this reality, the mass media and political elites in major Western nations are negating to focus on the real concerns of the Russian Federation. Of course, the same applies to caring little about Russian civilians being slaughtered on the commands of elites in Kiev.

If the situation continues whereby combat aviation and major military arms are used to kill on a daily basis, then clearly the Russian Federation must step in to help. Of course, NATO powers and the US especially are playing a double game. On the one hand they are helping the political elites to slaughter Russian civilians, while on the other hand the mass media and political dominated order is seeking to ridicule the Russian Federation by deeming this nation to be the aggressor.

Lee Jay Walker says: “Of course, this doesn’t wash because it is the elites in Western Ukraine that are killing in the East of Ukraine and not the other way around. Just like it is NATO that is expanding right up to the borders of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the aggression and slaughter of civilians is based on the deeds of political elites in Kiev that have been given the green light to kill. Likewise, military and dominant economic expansion is also coming from the West in the disguise of the EU and NATO. Therefore, from day one the motives were aimed at weakening the Russian Federation from an external point of view, while internally Western Ukrainian nationalism was aimed at reducing the rights of Russians and handing over the nation to the EU, NATO, IMF and to the political whims of the G7.”


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