Kurdish prisoner executed in Iran: Family told he is in his grave

Kurdish prisoner executed in Iran: Family told he is in his grave

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Islamic Revolution of 1979 culminated in the power concentration of ruling Shia theocratic elites and the political system that is part of the state apparatus that rules by fear. Countless numbers of people have been executed since 1979. Therefore, the latest execution of the Kurdish political prisoner, Heidar Ghorbani, will not make a single ripple of morose among the ruling political and religious elites.

Indeed, the hanging of Heidar Ghorbani is also a witness of the complete power of the state apparatus. All notions of dignity and a single shred of decency don’t exist. Therefore, even his death was about the tyranny of absolute power.

His family had no opportunity to comfort Ghorbani during his final moments on this earth. Instead, the Shia religious elites who talk about morality – merely allow a system that abandons all notions of humanity. Therefore, his family, not knowing that Ghorbani had been executed, were contacted to visit his grave.

The BBC reports, “Ghorbani, who was 48, was convicted of the murder of three people linked to Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard Corps.”

However, he denied any role in the killings. Hence, torture during his time in prison naturally followed. After all, Iran is known for the torture of political prisoners, religious minorities, females who refuse to cover up, protesters, and others who refuse to bow down to tyranny.

Iran also accused Ghorbani of being a member of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI). Several ethnic groups are targeted in Iran.

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN Human Rights) website in September said, “The Iranian authorities must immediately halt the execution of Heidar Ghorbani and annul the death sentence against him and grant him a retrial in compliance with their international obligationsWe are seriously concerned that Mr. Ghorbani’s eventual confession was forced as a result of torture and ill-treatment.”

This UN human rights organization further stated, “It is also troubling that courts continue to issue death sentences in trials that not only breach international fair trial standards, but even domestic law and due process guarantees. Once again, we call on Iran to impose an immediate moratorium on executions and commute all death sentences.”

Since his arrest in 2016 – and until his death by execution without a single family member to comfort him – the tyrannical state allowed torture, forced confession, and other brutal deeds to be perpetrated against Ghorbani.

He joins a long and depressing list of innocents that have been tortured and then killed by the tyranny of the state apparatus of Iran.



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