Male in his 20s Kills at Least 15 People in a Disabled Residential Care Center in Japan

Male in his 20s Kills at Least 15 People in a Disabled Residential Care Center in Japan

Kanako Itamae and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


In Japan, it is known that a deranged male has killed at least 15 people, with the likelihood of the death total increasing. At the moment, no real motives are known outside of speculation but the attack took place at a disabled residential care center.

It is reported that the killer is Satoshi Uematsu who is 26 years of age and according to reports, he worked in the same care center in the past.  Reports state that the killer despised the disabled because he is reported to have said, “I want to get rid of the disabled from this world.”  However, this isn’t confirmed fully despite being stressed by one media source.

After killing at least 15 people by stabbing them – and wounding many others – he then handed himself into the police. However, it remains to be known how staff intervened – or if they are included in the numbers that have been butchered.

The BBC says, “At least 15 people have died in a knife attack at a residential care center for the disabled in the Japanese city of Sagamihara, local media reported… Another 45 people are reported to have been injured in the attack, which happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning local time.”

Local people in Sagamihara are clearly in shock at such an abhorrent attack against innocents. The local police are currently investigating the motives because the perpetrator handed himself into the police.

Investigations after this brutal and callous attack must focus on increased security measures for the most vulnerable in society. Similarly, questions must be asked how he handed himself into the local police station, while apparently the police had been contacted about the attack prior to this.


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