Many protesters killed by the theocratic state in Iran

Many protesters killed by the theocratic state in Iran

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Reports emanating out of Iran and in the wider international community are stating that many protesters have been killed. Yet, the true extent of the crisis is blurred by the theocratic state cutting off the internet and stemming the flow of information. However, it is clear that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was egging on the state apparatus from the start of the crisis by calling protesters “counter-revolutionaries.”

According to Amnesty International, the death toll is at least 106 people based on credible information on the ground. Of course, the state apparatus of Iran will make counterclaims. Similarly, the conservative Shia clergy will further show disdain towards its citizens who are disillusioned by the harshness of the theocratic government.

A statement by Amnesty International uttered that events “reveal a harrowing pattern of unlawful killings by Iranian security forces, which have used excessive and lethal force to crush largely peaceful protests.”

The BBC reports, “Security forces have been filmed firing on protesters; the families of those killed say the authorities have refused to hand over their bodies for burial; there is a heavy security presence in public squares and on major streets; many university students have been arrested; and the judiciary has warned that sending videos abroad is a criminal offense.”

It is equally galling that while people suffer from poverty and lack of opportunities in Iran, that the same government is involved in countless international intrigues. For example, many in Iran may support the reasons behind this nation coming to the assistance of Syria and the Shia in Yemen but international intrigues are endless.

Hence, from supporting Hamas in Gaza to bankrolling Hezbollah in Lebanon, then the overreach of Iran is further putting pressure on the economy. Likewise, in Iraq, the government of Iran is bankrolling various militias and seeking to dictate to Iraq based on economic, military, and political manipulation. Yet, at home, many Iranians are struggling to survive and to prosper.

Reuters reports, “On Monday, the powerful Revolutionary Guards warned of “decisive” action if the protests went on. The Guards and their affiliated Basij militia quelled unrest in late 2017 in which at least 22 people were killed.” 

In a recent article by Modern Tokyo Times, it was stipulated, “The re-imposing of sanctions by President Donald Trump of America is hitting Iran hard. This applies to the record low of its currency, a huge increase in the inflation rate, and hindering the flow of foreign capital. Therefore, for Iranian people who care about “bread and butter issues,” the political and religious elites are out of touch.”

Overall, with the internet blackout because of the state apparatus, then the situation is extremely foggy. Yet, social media is still reaching the outside world and brave individuals internally are reporting to organizations. Thus, with the death toll increasing – including members of the Iranian security services – then the situation could spiral further.

Hence, the theocratic state will seek to spread fear by making it known that Iranian protesters face death with little legal due process to protect them from tyranny.


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