Mass Protests Throughout Burundi against United Nations

Mass Protests Throughout Burundi against United Nations

Paul Joseph Nzeribe, Hiroshi Saito, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Mass demonstrations took place throughout Burundi aimed at showing the mass discontent in this nation towards the United Nations (UN). Similar protests in the past have equally been aimed at France and the African Union. This is based on outside interference that is deemed to be meddling and pushing false reports about the internal situation in Burundi.

The Mayor of Bujumbura, Freddy Mbonimpa, is scathing about the UN and the persistent misinformation about Burundi. He said, “We have called on the population of the capital to stage a massive protest against the nomination of three so-called UN experts to investigate Burundi.”

It is known that the UN, just like France and the African Union in the recent past, is seeking a UN human rights probe. However, the President of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, is adamant that the internal situation does not warrant any probes. Indeed, according to Nkurunziza, it is external forces that seek to spread disinformation based on the intrigues of certain outside nations.

Several months ago the UN proposed sending a deployment of police to Burundi based on nations, notably France, that seek to interfere directly into the internal affairs of this independent nation. Fox News reported, “Burundi’s government has rejected the proposed deployment of up to 228 United Nations police to the East African nation to monitor human rights abuses and calm violence.”

The government of Burundi is disillusioned by the endless protestations of outside forces. This discontent is equally hitting a chord with the citizens of this nation. Therefore, two days ago (Saturday) mass demonstrations took place throughout the country in support of the stance being taken by the government of Burundi.

In a past article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated,According to the government of Burundi, the situation on the ground doesn’t merit international interference. At the same time, the right of national sovereignty isn’t up to debate because this is meant to be the firm foundation of international law.”

Irrespective of the stance being taken by the government of Burundi, it is abundantly clear that minor forces of discontent are being emboldened by the African Union, United Nations, and nations like France. In the past, outside forces have led to destabilization based on meddling and encouraging regional adversaries. Therefore, is this model warranted based on countless past failures that continue to unleash horrendous convulsions – for example, the destabilization of Iraq, Kosovo (Serbia), Libya, and Syria?


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