Meloni says Italy will remain pro-EU and pro-NATO

Meloni says Italy will remain pro-EU and pro-NATO

Sawako Utsumi and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo Times

Giorgia Meloni declared that Italy is to remain pro-European Union and pro-NATO. Her party, the Brothers of Italy – and the political parties of Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi – are meant to usher in a more right-wing government that is independent. However, Meloni is intent on not rocking the geopolitical boat.

Reuters reports, “Giorgia Meloni, who is expected to be Italy’s next prime minister, threw down the gauntlet to her right-wing coalition partners on Wednesday, saying her new government would be pro-NATO and fully a part of Europe.”

Meloni faces an uphill struggle to keep the right-wing and conservative parties together. After all, Berlusconi is more nuanced concerning the conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

Also, with inflation and the cost of living creating major problems for the European Union – related to sanctions and the long-lasting economic convulsions of the coronavirus – then mass protests await if the war grinds on between Ukraine and the Russian Federation with winter approaching.

Meloni said, “Italy with us in government will never be the weak link in the West.”

She continued, “On one thing I have been, am, and will always be clear. I intend to lead a government with a clear and unequivocal foreign policy line… Anyone who does not agree with this cornerstone cannot be part of the government.”

Lee Jay Walker says, “Prime Minister Liz Truss of the United Kingdom came out all guns blazing. However, she is now fighting for political survival. Hence, Meloni needs a more diplomatic approach. Also, many individuals throughout the European Union want national governments to focus on their respective electorate – and not weakening their respective economies concerning the conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation over the mainly pro-Russian Donbass (Donbas) region.”

New York Times reports, “Ms. Meloni, aware of concerns about her ideological past, is eager to assuage international markets by appointing mainstream technocrats to key economic ministries. But they keep turning her down.”

It remains to be seen if political egos can co-exist on the same government platform. If the Truss government is anything to go by – then Italy looks set for a rocky ride!


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