Merkel, Trojan Spyware, and Refugees: Political Correct Coercion and GDR Mirror

Merkel, Trojan Spyware, and Refugees: Political Correct Coercion and GDR Mirror

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Chancellor Merkel and the current ruling party appear to believe that they have the right to alter the ethnic and religious landscape of Germany, without any questions being asked. Indeed, if individuals don’t follow the elite German media circus based on political correct values and happen to disapprove of mainly younger male migrants entering Germany, then usual tangents of “right-wing fascists,” “xenophobes,” “racists” – and other usual political correct language and tactics – are banded around with passion. Not surprisingly, the new political correct coercion state of Germany is now going to follow the German Democratic Republic (GDR) mirror and spy on personal computers, laptops, and smartphones.

State Apparatus, Spyware and Political Correct Coercion

Merkel, the state apparatus, and a largely compliant elite media campaign are working hand-in-hand with manipulating facts on the ground, while also deeming all opponents of mass migration with being far-right, racist, narrow-minded bigots and so forth. Not content with this, the new Merkel GDR mirror is now allowing intelligence agencies to spy on German nationals if they happen to be deemed politically suspicious. In other words, so-called democratic Germany that tolerates radical Salafists spreading hatred is now intent on intimidating individuals who happen to oppose the Merkel mass male migration diktat.

Merkel in modern Germany is now replicating the mirror of the GDR because the intelligence sector can use malware in order to monitor personal computers, laptops, and smartphones. This means that conversations and other forms of communication will be tracked by Trojan spyware. Therefore, it appears that Merkel is more concerned about German nationals that will not follow her script and to intimidate the indigenous masses by the fear of being monitored to a much greater extent.

Of course, Merkel fully understands that Fascist NAZI Germany and the Stasi in the GDR both utilized enormous surveillance in order to control and oppress all opponents. Sadly, the constitutional German court decision of 2008 that banned state malware (federal Trojan) beyond minor interceptions is now being rolled back under the leadership of Merkel. This reality means that civil liberties are being crushed while the political dimension doesn’t bode well for a free Germany.

Migration and Confusion: No Priority?

Double standards and the one-way civilizational war based on the collusion of liberal democracy and political correct coercion is equally linked with silence when it comes to trading with nations like Saudi Arabia. After all, the fact that Sharia Islamic law in this nation – and others – is based on an apartheid legal system doesn’t seem to worry leading democratic nations. Therefore, not only are Buddhism and Christianity (and all non-Muslim faiths) illegal in Saudi Arabia but nations like Germany even tolerate Saudi Arabia – and other Islamist states – with funding Salafi hatred and building mosques that follow this thought pattern throughout Germany.

The upshot of this reality is that Germany and other nations like France and the United Kingdom are now exporting Takfiri Islamist sectarian killers to nations like Iraq and Syria. In other words, political correct nations care little about indigenous culture because the sole objective is multiculturalism and preserving the cultures of others, therefore, Europe is now an area where ISIS (Islamic State – IS) is receiving thousands of terrorist followers. This reality means that nations like France, Germany and the United Kingdom (and others like Belgium) have witnessed thousands of Takfiri Islamists leaving political correct Europe in order to slaughter Alawites, butcher Christians, cleanse the Shabaks, behead the Shia and enslave Yazidis.

In other words, while Sunni Takfiri Islamist sectarians are intent on cleansing the Middle East and parts of North Africa – and nation states including Saudi Arabia ban all non-Muslim faiths – Germany and the political correct coercion brigade are intent on taking in mainly male migrants. Equally astonishing, the dominant faith group that is persecuting and cleansing appears to be gaining from the current international crisis. This even applies to some North African nations where you have no war like Morocco – or somehow we are meant to believe that a fresh wave of mainly Sunni Muslim males from Afghanistan and Pakistan are now fleeing based on refugee factors and not the real reason being economic migration.

Indeed, in Pakistan it is the several million Christian and Hindu populations that need priority because of institutional state discrimination and persecution. Similarly, the Shia who face countless terrorist attacks by Sunni Islamist Takfiris in this nation and the Ahmadiyya also suffer greatly. Likewise, in Afghanistan, the plight of women is known and once more the Shia suffer religious persecution in this nation. Therefore, how can mainly Sunni Muslim males be fleeing persecution in nations like Pakistan when the opposite reality is happening – and the same applies to why females and the Shia from Afghanistan aren’t the two dominant groups leaving this nation – so what is really happening?


Overall, it appears that Merkel will continue to ignore a sizeable proportion of the German people that disagree with her migration policies. At the same time, media manipulation based on political correct coercion will continue to pluck biased news stories to suit the mass migration agenda. Intimidating individuals with Trojan spyware in order to put fear into people that campaign openly for change is also backing this new political directive. Therefore, not only is Merkel intent on altering the cultural, ethnic and religious landscape at a rapid pace in Germany but the current political order is also adamant on utilizing technology in order to quell genuine discontent. Given this reality, Germany is now implementing various dangerous slippery roads in order to pander to the whims of the enormous ego of Merkel.


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