Merkel’s “Collateral Damage” in Germany: Cologne to Terrorism in Berlin and non-Refugee Factor

Merkel’s “Collateral Damage” in Germany: Cologne to Terrorism in Berlin and non-Refugee Factor

Murad Makhmudov, Noriko Watanabe, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


It is extremely noticeable that the mass abuse of women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, including many being raped, to the latest terrorist attack in Berlin that targeted Christmas activities, all point in the direction of mainly North African Sunni Muslim males who were not fleeing war. On the contrary, the majority came from nations where the main issue is economics, thereby, making the situation even harder for genuine refugees fleeing civil wars, religious persecution, wars, and other issues, for example, ethnic persecution. In other words, Merkel’s “come on in policy” is an abject failure based on tolerating the intolerable – and neglecting genuine refugees who seek to escape endless violence and discrimination.

Females in Germany on New Year’s Eve in Cologne were preparing to welcome in the first day of 2016 by celebrating the positives of life. Instead, mainly North African Sunni Muslim males were preparing to abuse women openly and in huge numbers. This led to many sexual assaults, including women being raped, but despite this virtually all abusers have escaped the justice system. It appears that victims are “collateral damage” to Merkel and the pro mass immigration brigade.

Merkel is in a similar mode in relation to the recent terrorist attack by a North African Sunni Muslim male from Tunisia who targeted Christmas festivities. Similarly, the narrative of “unity” and “we are all one” remains the beckon call. However, where is the unity in relation to Christians in the Middle East, the fleeing Yazidis who face a Sunni Islamist holocaust, Alawites who fear being taken to the Sunni Takfiri sword, and endless Sunni Islamist terrorist attacks aimed at the Shia?

Cologne and Berlin have two central themes and this applies to the Sunni Muslim North African factor and the fact that these mainly North Africans were not refugees but economic migrants (and one future terrorist in relation to Berlin). Yet, ISIS (Islamic State – IS) is known by the propaganda they use for enslaving Christian and Yazidi females. Likewise, the treatment of captured Alawite females by various Sunni Islamist sectarian groups in Syria is brutal by nature. Therefore, non-Muslims and minority Muslim groups including the Shia are treated with disdain by Sunni Islamists in many nations but this is being overlooked in Germany.

The politically correct in Europe and North America stress “brotherhood, unity, and solidarity.” However, in the land of Mecca and Medina not one single Buddhist temple or Christian church is tolerated. Indeed, non-Muslim males are not allowed to marry Saudi Arabian Muslim females – and in countless nations, minority faiths understand the mentality of “dhimmitude” and systematic persecution. Despite this, Gulf petrodollars are spreading Salafi Islam to Germany and in return, the one-way civilization war does zilch based on the meekness of Christian leaders, the closed-eyes of the politically correct, and the whims of Merkel who is intent on changing the ethnic and cultural landscape of Germany.

Not surprisingly, the policies of Sunni Islamist superiority at home in relation to religious minorities and endless Sunni Takfiri sectarianism that blights countless nations can be seen in events that include the open sexual abuse of women in Cologne and the recent terrorist attack in Berlin. Sadly, for Germany, the events that happened in Berlin and Cologne are not alone because the “new Germany” under Merkel is unleashing many horror stories. However, Merkel remains loyal to her “Ottoman replacement theory” and never fails to miss a chance to be seen with a child migrant in order to manipulate reality.

Ironically, it is Merkel who is threatening migrants who settled in Germany a long time ago – and the same applies to genuine refugees fleeing persecution. This is based on her “open door policy” that is being filled in certain quarters by migrants with ill-intentions, Sunni Islamist sectarians, criminals, and other negative forces. Therefore, the far-right and ethnic tensions will grow based on such a foolish vacuum being created by Merkel’s reckless immigration policy.

Indeed, reports openly stress that Christian and Yazidi minorities fleeing persecution even face Sunni Islamist violence and intimidation in Germany. Overall, events in Berlin and Cologne are based on Merkel’s indigenous “collateral damage” policy and this folly is being propped up by a politically correct agenda that is responsible for the current crisis in Germany.

Yet, it is Merkel and the politically correct brigade that are sowing the seeds of division whereby the losers will be the indigenous, past migrants who worked hard to make a living, and genuine refugees fleeing persecution – for example, Christians in the Middle East, the mainly Sunni Muslim Kurds who don’t have a nation-state, and other religious minorities including the Alawites and Yazidis.

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