Mexico Covid-19 deaths surpass 25,000 and no sign of abating

Mexico Covid-19 deaths surpass 25,000 and no sign of abating

Sawako Utsumi and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo Times

The death toll from coronavirus (Covid-19) and infections keep on increasing in Mexico. Indeed, both are underestimated and no signs of abating. Therefore, the grim milestone of 25,000 looks set to increase.

Infections have now reached over 202,000. Hence, it appears that Mexico shut down too soon and re-opened rather quickly. However, this is debatable because Peru took measures but now equally hit hard.

Also, like Brazil, the economic angle is extremely complex in comparison with European nations hit extremely hard. This relates to absolute poverty and the working poor already struggling before the coronavirus crisis. Therefore, options for Brazil and Mexico – just like the increasing crisis in India and Pakistan – are limited.

The BBC reports, “Between March and May, more than one million jobs were lost across the country, according to official numbers. The impact of the measures, however, is thought to be much worse as Mexico has high numbers of people in the informal economy.”

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is worried about the fine balance between economic issues and containing the coronavirus. Thus key industries were exempt from the lockdown before he restarted the wider economy.

Like other nations in a more vulnerable economic situation, the options are fewer. Hence, huge numbers of unemployed would put an enormous toll on society. Therefore, no easy options exist for Mexico.


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