Military Defense Report in Japan points to increasing US-created problems

Military Defense Report in Japan points to increasing US-created problems

Hiroshi Saito and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Japan’s military defense report is tainted by overt bias concerning America. After all, American bases dot the Japanese landscape – notably in Okinawa (Ryukyu). Also, recent administrations in Japan are even more “slavish” to the geopolitical containment policies of America aimed at China and the Russian Federation. Therefore, the report confirms that Japan is being swallowed up by America’s meddling and confrontational approach in Northeast Asia.

The White Paper (name of the report) notes notable concerns related to China, the Russian Federation, and the Taiwan question (to China, this question doesn’t exist). The late prime minister Shinzo Abe, despite belonging to the nationalist Nippon Kaigi and supporting the militarization of Japan, was more independent-minded. Thus, Abe maintained cordial relations with the Russian Federation after Crimea returned to the Russian Federation concerning a referendum.

However, the administration of Yoshihide Suga was anti-China even if Suga himself wasn’t overtly concerned about international relations. Suga’s main focus was on digitalization, economics, and other business-related angles: but the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis bogged him down. Hence, the pro-America and anti-China forces within the Japanese Foreign Ministry – and other related bodies – adopted increasing anti-China rhetoric.

Fumio Kishida, the current leader of Japan, is anti-Russian Federation to an extreme. Thus he is going against the policies of the late Abe. Therefore, relations between Tokyo-Moscow have reached a new recent low during the leadership of Kishida.

Meanwhile, the flow of anti-China policies within the body politic of Japan dictates more anti-China rhetoric – and pro-Taiwan announcements – by the ruling elites of the Liberal Democratic Party. Hence, the anti-China and anti-Russian Federation mantra of the current Democratic Party in America is being replicated by Japan.

Japan – following on the coattails of America – talks about the foundations of international law being shocked by the convulsions of the Russian Federation. Of course, the land of Okinawa was utilized by America to kill millions of Asians (Korean War to Vietnam and Agent Orange for many years). Since then, from Operation Condor in South America (right-wing death squads killing leftists and trade unionists) to lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, America continues to involve itself directly or by proxy in countless wars (Libya, Yemen, and too many to mention). However, Japan didn’t concern itself by rebuking America for breaking international law and being responsible for the deaths of millions of people.

Gradual forces of nationalism within organizations like Nippon Kaigi have grown. Likewise, emboldened by America’s containment policies of China and the Russian Federation, Japan is adopting more anti-China and anti-Russian Federation policies. Indeed, Japan seeks to internationalize Northeast Asia by drawing in outside nations. Therefore, while America is a long-term problem for Northeast Asia, Japan now seeks Australia, the United Kingdom, and others to join the fray.

Modern Tokyo Times recently stated, “… when it comes to foreign policy – providing it is anti-China and anti-Russian Federation – Kishida utilizes nationalism by focusing on the disdain of other regional nations that emerged since the Meiji Period (1868-1912). The quietism of past Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) administrations, which were part and parcel of Japan until the last three leaders of this country, is now firmly being replaced by anti-China and anti-Russian Federation (the late Shinzo Abe had good relations with the Russian Federation) administrations. Therefore, each new administration in Japan is becoming obsessively pro-America – even by the standards of past post-World War Two history.”

Kishida said – during his meeting with Nancy Pelosi – that “We confirmed that Japan and the US will continue to work together closely to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.”

Yoshimasa Hayashi, the Foreign Minister of Japan, recently said in America, “Ongoing unilateral attempts to change the status quo by force or coercion in the East and South China seas” is gaining traction. Obviously, this is aimed at China. He also said that the China-Taiwan issue was of “extreme importance.” Therefore, Hayashi – similar to Kishida – implies that America and Japan should involve themselves in what China deems an internal affair concerning Taiwan.

Hayashi also rebuked the Russian Federation in America. He said, “Russia’s aggression needs to go down in history as a clear failure, otherwise it is inevitable that other countries will follow Russia and attempt to change the status quo by force.”

Ironically, similar to the slave labor family connections of the former leader Tara Aso, Hayashi is related to Akira Tawarada (great-grandson), who utilized Allied Prisoners of War via slave labor in several coal mines in the prefecture of Yamaguchi.

Kishida knows America and other NATO powers are sending military equipment to Taiwan. He also understands fully that China deems the Taiwan question to be internal. Therefore, China doesn’t need America or Japan to involve itself in this issue because political elites in Beijing deem this an internal issue.

NHK says, “The report’s authors determine that Russia is believed to have suffered major damage militarily. They surmise that a decline in the country’s power would likely lead to a change in its military relationships with neighboring regions.”

The above might be true or false. However, why doesn’t the report highlight the abject failure of America and NATO powers in not even being able to defeat the Taliban and suddenly fleeing from this nation? Does this not resemble a decline – similar to America being on the distant periphery in Syria to being forced out of Iraq after creating another failed state?

Earlier wars by America, including Vietnam, merely point to the fact that America can kill millions of people – even using Agent Orange – but this never concerns Japan too much. Nor will it lead to internal questions (lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq). Therefore, why is Japan protected by a nation that is a warmonger and which often leaves behind a path of millions of deaths before fleeing and starting a new war?

Abe reached out to the Russian Federation. Thus Abe ignored many G7 denouncements of the Russian Federation after the events in Crimea. However, Kishida threw all this away and supported the mantra of America and NATO powers to the maximum (look at modern-day Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and the Sahel region after NATO powers bombed directly or supported proxies – or from the convulsions unleashed regionally).

Japan’s national security is best served by developing stronger regional ties – rather than seeking outside nations to meddle. Thus Japan should focus on stronger ties with China, the Russian Federation, South Korea, and others.

Equally, given the state of the Japanese economy – the highest ratio of debt in the world: it is an economic necessity to focus on important internal angles. Therefore, the development of the armed forces of Japan should happen naturally concerning the interests of this nation – but not concerning the heightened tensions of the region that are being encouraged by America.

The history of America internationally is full of never-ending wars and utilizing proxies. Why does Japan want to be a useful proxy?

Culturally, in America, you have race baiting, gender confusion, 107,000 overdose deaths in the last 12 months under Biden (highest ever figure), high crime, major narcotic problems, and an endless flow of mass immigration. This is a million miles away from Japan. Therefore, why can’t Japan ween itself away from being a convenient military base in Northeast Asia?

India is independent – time for Japan to seek closer ties in Northeast Asia and learn from nations that focus on a multipolar world.


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