Mohammed bin Salman and Saudi Arabia: Western media and Muslim Brotherhood intrigues

Mohammed bin Salman and Saudi Arabia: Western media and Muslim Brotherhood intrigues

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The nation of Saudi Arabia is faced with enormous pressure from certain quarters in the West based on hearsay against the reformist Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman. At the same time, Turkey, the leading nation that supports the Muslim Brotherhood, is in the vanguard of utilizing the Jamal Khashoggi affair. Hence, the naïve Western media circus keeps on hashing-up anti-Mohammed bin Salman hysteria based on no firm facts that link him to this tragic event. Therefore, the intrigues of the Muslim Brotherhood is being served unintentionally and intentionally in certain quarters – in relation to the Western media circus and the nations of Qatar and Turkey.

Mohammed bin Salman is in the vanguard of reforming society in Saudi Arabia. This applies to a cross spectrum of areas, involving the need to diversify the economy to the rights of women in Saudi Arabia. Indeed, for the first time in many decades, you have an individual who seeks to revolutionize this nation and take it to the next stage. Thereby, it is essential that murky intrigues against the Crown Prince fail – and that he also holds his “reformist nerve” given the enormous pressure he faces.

According to Reuters, Newsweek, and a plethora of other Western media sources, either a “purported court intrigue” is in the offing, or he is unfit to serve Saudi Arabia. Either way, this is music to the ears of the Muslim Brotherhood that seeks to stifle any hope of modernization in the Middle East and North Africa – and further afield – based on seeking Islamist power concentration.

The Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, Adel al-Jubeir, told the BBC, “In Saudi Arabia, our leadership is a red line. The custodian of the two holy mosques [King Salman] and the Crown Prince (Mohammed bin Salman) are a red line.”

He further stated, “They represent every Saudi citizen and every Saudi citizen represents them. And we will not tolerate any discussion of anything that is disparaging towards our monarch or our crown prince.”

Adel al-Jubeir also made it clear that the perpetrators of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi will be held accountable in accordance with Saudi law. Hence, from the point of view of Saudi Arabia, this nation will investigate thoroughly and pass due sentences on all individuals convicted in this brutal murder. In other words, Saudi Arabia isn’t seeking to cover-up anything and nor does this nation seek this crime to go unpunished. On the contrary, all culprits involved in this “rogue operation” will be held accountable to the maximum.

In a past article by Modern Tokyo Times, it was stated, “Yet, the enemies of the Crown Prince who fear his modernization processes have created a fictional narrative about Khashoggi. Sadly, like usual, the gullible Western media circus seems to have fallen for the Muslim Brotherhood narrative. Therefore, despite Khashoggi being lauded for supporting press freedom and other noble areas, the facts point in the opposite direction. After all, if Khashoggi supported press freedom then why did he befriend President Erdogan of Turkey and fellow cronies who support the Muslim Brotherhood? Surely, Khashoggi knew full well that hundreds of journalists have been arrested in Turkey and that you have tens of thousands of political prisoners?”

This article continued by stating, “Despite this, Khashoggi felt at ease in Turkey despite the internal situation where any dissent by Kurds, Gulenists, or leftists equates to prison. Likewise, he didn’t mind mixing with political elites who support imprisoning journalists at the drop of a hat. Hence, the human rights angle is being overly politicized against the Crown Prince based on glossing over the facts of certain aspects of Khashoggi. The same applies to the fake moralizing of Erdogan who is extremely authoritarian.”

The Crown Prince stated strongly about Islamism, “What happened in the last 30 years is not Saudi Arabia. What happened in the region in the last 30 years is not the Middle East. After the Iranian revolution in 1979, people wanted to copy this model in different countries, one of them is Saudi Arabia. We didn’t know how to deal with it. And the problem spread all over the world. Now is the time to get rid of it.”

Overall, in such a short time, the Crown Prince is opening up society in Saudi Arabia and this notably applies to future business initiatives based on diversification and the role of women in society. For example, Saudi females can apply for capital to start businesses without the consent of males; divorced Saudi females can obtain custody of their children by bypassing the legal system; a Saudi female politician was elected to a senior position for the first time; and other notable areas that will boost the role of women. Of course, the Crown Prince seeks stronger reforms in time but he knows the conservative nature of society – hence, some reforms need to be gradual. Therefore, the whims of the Muslim Brotherhood and the narrative of many Western media groups must be put to one side because outside meddling will merely create internal discord.

Instead, the reformist Crown Prince needs the chance to govern and be guided by Saudi officials that have great experiences and who are open to his reformist ways. Hence, Mohammed bin Salman needs to focus internally in the realm of business, diversifying the economy, providing greater freedom for women, and other areas that he seeks to unlock.

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