Morocco Announces Support to People Hit by the Brutal Earthquake

Morocco Announces Support to People Hit by the Brutal Earthquake

Kanako Mita and Noriko Watanabe

Modern Tokyo Times

The brutal earthquake in Morocco killed just shy of 3,000 people. It damaged over 2,900 villages in the High Atlas Mountains. Therefore, the government announced immediate economic support.

Sadly, the convulsions of the 6.8 magnitude earthquake range from bereaved families to people left behind with devastated homes and entire villages in ruins.

The BBC reports, “King Mohammed VI has said that the country will spend 120bn dirhams ($11.6bn; £9.4bn) to rebuild areas destroyed by the earthquake.”

Over 59,000 homes have been damaged. This entailed the government announcing 2,500 dirhams ($244) for all households hit by the earthquake for 1 year. Also, compensation of 140,000 dirhams will be forthcoming for homes destroyed – and 80,000 for homes partially damaged.

The government announced that reconstruction should be based on the traditions of the indigenous Amazigh-speaking communities of the High Atlas mountain region.

Reuters reports, “The earthquake, Morocco’s deadliest since 1960, destroyed many hamlets with traditional mud brick, stone, and rough wood houses, specific to the Amazigh-speaking Atlas mountains.”

UNICEF said approximately 100,000 children remain affected emotionally, psychologically, and in other important areas. Many children have lost parents, other family members, and friends – and their homes have been destroyed.

Preserving the indigenous ways in the High Atlas Mountains – and improving the infrastructure must go hand-in-hand.

Long after the media interest dwindles and reports mainly focus on each anniversary, it is the government and regional networks that will bring solace out of such great devastation and sadness – by enabling the survivors to start afresh (while preserving the memories of loved ones).

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