Mosque attack in Kabul and legacy of intrigues (Western/Islamic)

Mosque attack in Kabul and legacy of intrigues (Western/Islamic)

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Another devastating terrorist attack hit a mosque in Kabul. It is another grim reminder that the flow of terrorism isn’t going away despite the takeover by the Taliban last year. Hence, Sunni Takfiris from the Islamic State in Khorasan Province (ISKP) are suspected of committing the latest terrorist attack.

ISKP is one of many international affiliates of ISIS (Islamic State). In recent weeks, ISKP assassination attacks against individuals linked to the Taliban in Afghanistan have increased. This is a change because past terrorist attacks focused on killing Shia Muslims – and hit-and-run tactics against the Taliban.

Reuters reports, “Police said there were multiple casualties but did not say how many. One Taliban intelligence official told Reuters that as many as 35 people may have been wounded or killed, and the toll could rise further. Al Jazeera quoted an unidentified official as giving a death toll of 20.”

It is believed that the Muslim holy cleric was killed in the attack against this mosque during prayers. If so, the cleric Mullah Amir Mohammad Kabuli died along with many other innocent worshippers. Hence, with many injured, including children, the fear is that the death toll will increase.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson for the Taliban, said, “The murderers of civilians and perpetrators … will soon be punished for their crimes.”

The BBC reports, “IS’s signature has been its devastating attacks on the minority Shia Hazara community. But their focus now seems to be widening just as the Taliban celebrate their one year in power – a takeover which ended one chapter of a long bloody war but only ushered in yet another.”

The Taliban and Salafists hold long-standing grievances – with only the anti-Shia angle and anti-Western forces being a unifying theme during times of outside meddling. Thus, intrigues outside of Afghanistan might utilize ISKP by proxy. This – alongside internal hatred – is a deadly combination.

The Jamestown Foundation (Abdul Sayed) last year reported, “The Afghan Salafist grievances due to the Taliban’s anti-Salafist policies helped ISKP to quickly establish a war front against the Taliban in Afghanistan in early 2015. These grievances were rooted in the Taliban’s hostile relations with the Salafists in Afghanistan since it took control of Afghanistan in the mid-nineties and, later, the marginalization of the Salafists who played the primary role in starting the insurgency in Afghanistan after 9/11. This complex history shows that the Salafists are not only an integral part of the ISKP challenge to the Taliban, but also that the ISKP emerged as a result of Salafist grievances of Afghan Taliban’s policies.”

Western and Gulf nations (before outside meddling above) – with the help of Pakistan – destabilized Afghanistan many decades ago. Thus, despite trillions of dollars spent on war and limited development concerning the infrastructure, the pull out of America and fellow allies left a nation devastated and not in a position of strength. Therefore, ongoing issues concerning terrorism, sectarianism, limited rights of women, child marriage, rampant poverty, narcotics, and many other ills were bequeathed to the Taliban – once President Joe Biden of America had no plan of even a modicum of stability.

Western nations – under the politically correct pro-immigration flag – are also cherry-picking educated Afghan nationals who are badly needed in Afghanistan (doctors and so forth). As usual, the majority of poor Afghans naturally stay – or flee to neighboring nations (Iran and Pakistan) in the hope of returning in the future. Hence, the entire debacle of nations entering the fray in Afghanistan – many decades ago – has left a nation shattered and totally Islamized by conservative forces.

Outside nations – East and West – allied against communist forces in Afghanistan many decades ago. Thus Islamist religious indoctrination outside of the region entered Afghanistan to a potent level along with international jihadists, in compliance with the policies of America, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and several Gulf nations. Therefore, the people of Afghanistan have been betrayed in all directions – and all that is left are forces that seek to turn the clock back to Year Zero.


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