Mother killed by 13-year-old daughter after smartphone argument in Shizuoka

Mother killed by 13-year-old daughter after smartphone argument in Shizuoka

Noriko Watanabe and Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

A young 13-year-old girl killed her mother in the prefecture of Shizuoka. This happened after both argued over the usage of a smartphone.

It seems that the daughter was using social media too much. Hence, the mother confronted her daughter about this issue. Therefore, after her mother fell asleep, her daughter stabbed her several times in the neck.

NHK reports, “Police responding to a call from a home in Makinohara City shortly before midnight on Monday found the mother, in her 40s, lying bleeding in a second-floor bedroom. She was pronounced dead at a hospital.”

Upon police questioning, the girl admitted to stabbing her mother. Hence, the police informed the consultation center for children.

In Japan, the Penal Code specifies that the girl will become a juvenile offender. This is per the legal requirements that stipulate that no child under 14 years of age can be held criminally responsible.

It is believed that she lived with her grandparents and mother.

If her case goes to a Family Court, they will decide what is in her interest after weighing up the options. For example, she might be put on probation – or sent to a training school for juveniles.

Information remains sketchy. However, authorities will be patient and try to reassure her that she will be supported during this difficult and depressing period.

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