Muslim terrorists kill 2 Buddhist monks in Southern Thailand

Muslim terrorists kill 2 Buddhist monks in Southern Thailand

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Southern Thailand is blighted by a Muslim insurgency that went from mainly nationalist elements in the past to a more Islamist theme based on cleansing Buddhists. Hence, the latest terrorist attack that killed two Buddhist monks is part of the ongoing Islamist insurgency that seeks to intimidate Buddhists and moderate Muslims that oppose militancy.

Of course, for Buddhists in the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh and co-religionists in Rakhine in Myanmar, then the butchering of innocent Buddhist monks and Buddhist civilians is nothing new. Likewise, the ethnic and religious designs are all part of the Islamization by stealth. Therefore, the brutal murder of two Buddhist monks in Southern Thailand is a sharp reminder that Islamic terrorism is butchering far and wide – irrespective if in Africa, Asia, or Europe.

The BBC reports, Witnesses described seeing gunmen dressed in black arrive on motorbikes before storming the Rattanaupap temple, shooting the monks at close range.” 

One can only imagine the brutal last moments when Muslim terrorists entered the holy Buddhist Rattanaupap Temple. Sadly, over 20 other holy Buddhist monks have been killed in the same part of Southern Thailand in the past. Hence, while the two Buddhist monks entered the temple with only thoughts of love, the opposite can be said of Muslim terrorists who brutally killed two Buddhist holy men.

The Independent reports, “The attack in Narathiwat province on Friday night was the latest incident in a recent upsurge of violence in the area, which since 2004 has been plagued by a separatist insurgency that has claimed about 7,000 lives.”

The Asia director at Human Rights Watch, Brad Adams, stipulated strongly, “The ghastly attack on Buddhist monks by insurgents in Thailand’s deep south is morally reprehensible and a war crime, and those responsible should be held to account.”

Overall, it is abundantly clear that Buddhist Temples and holy men are on the frontline in a civilizational war in several parts of Asia. This is based on various Islamist plots to utilize various complex forces in order for Buddhists to flee several parts of this continent. Therefore, the security apparatus in Thailand needs to do more to protect Buddhists and moderate Muslims who are also attacked by Islamists who fuse nationalism and religion.

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