Muslims in Niger attack Christian Churches over French Magazine: People Killed

Muslims in Niger attack Christian Churches over French Magazine: People Killed

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The massacre in France by Islamist terrorists is clearly ringing hollow in many parts of the mainly Muslim world. After all, deaths have been reported in several nations, including Niger and Pakistan, and like usual Christians are deemed easy targets. It matters not that the French magazine mocks other faiths, nor that these are only words or depictions. Also, it appears that Boko Haram Takfiri Islamist massacres of Christians and Muslims alike is fine in neighboring Nigeria because where are the riots against this in Niger?

Therefore, once more Muslim zealots are bent on showing that the sanctity of life means little because instead innocents must die based on the deeds of a French magazine. Just like Niger demonstrators appear not to be too worried about the barbarity of Boko Haram in neighboring Nigeria, the same can be said for violent demonstrators in Pakistan. For in Pakistan, just like in Nigeria, militant Islamist Sunni Takfiris think nothing of killing children, butchering Shia Muslims and attacking and killing Christians from time to time. This reality shows that the sincerity of violent demonstrators is not only hollow but it is also based on upper hypocrisy.

It is known that Christian churches were attacked in Zinder in Niger and that at least four people have been killed. Sadly, nobody is shocked anymore – indeed, the only shocking reality is that Western leaders will keep up with their apologist statements.

The BBC reports: Twelve people were killed in the attack, carried out by two French Muslims angry over earlier depictions of Muhammad in the magazine…Protests against the magazine were also seen on Friday in Pakistan, where protests turned violent in Karachi, the Sudanese capital of Khartoum and the Algerian capital, Algiers.”

Therefore, in the land of Algeria where vast numbers have been slaughtered by Islamists and in Sudan where over two million mainly African Christians and Animists were killed – and where non-Muslims were enslaved – it is clear that this didn’t upset the same people. Similarly, African black Muslims have been butchered in vast numbers in Sudan based on the deeds of Arabization because of the policies of various Khartoum regimes. Despite this reality, the same demonstrators worried about the depictions of Muhammed will have done nothing against decades of utter barbarity based on the deeds of several Khartoum regimes. In other words, mass murder and slavery of black Africans simply doesn’t measure up in Sudan but a cartoon and depictions are something else.

Turning back to Niger then attacking Christian churches and Christian shops is all part of the course. After all, Christians and other minorities like the Yazidis are being forced to flee from Iraq. Similarly, Takfiri Islamists hate all and sundry in Syria therefore the mass persecution of Alawite Muslims, Shia Muslims and Christians is ongoing. Likewise, in Somalia all converts to Christianity face being killed in barbaric ways by al-Shabaab and the same can be said in other parts of the mainly Muslim world.

Therefore, it appears that the same forces butchering and the same forces demonstrating are all doing so because they want to enforce their diktats on others, even if this means killing in the name of Allah.


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