Myanmar to allow visa-free visitors from Hong Kong and Macau following on from Japan and South Korea

Myanmar to allow visa-free visitors from Hong Kong and Macau following on from Japan and South Korea

Sawako Utsumi and Chika Mori

Modern Tokyo Times

Political leaders in Myanmar are keen to open up the nation to visitors from all over the world because of the natural beauty of this nation and the richness of culture. This notably applies to the strong Buddhist legacy that is a living faith and the plethora of ethnic groups that are blessed with different traditions. Of course, Myanmar is multi-ethnic and multi-religious and with this nation following the path of democracy, then modernization, developing the telecommunication sector, and an array of other important areas equally applies to attract international visitors to boost the economy.

Hence, with visitors from Hong Kong and Macau being allowed to go visa-free from October 1, this is following on from nationals from Japan and South Korea being allowed the same privilege. It is understood that nationals from these nations will utilize major famous cities, high culture, seek out the rich legacy of Buddhism, explore the stunning natural beauty of this nation, and other essential areas.

Other recent initiatives apply to eco-tourism and tax-free incentives to attract foreign capital in certain parts of the economy. Therefore, foreign nationals looking to invest in Myanmar can now do so with respective local companies up to thirty percent. This is all part and parcel of Myanmar reaching out regionally and internationally – after all, visa exemptions now apply to many nations, including some European nations.

In relation to eco-tourism, Xinhua stipulates, “The country is striving to promote eco-tourism, cultural tourism and community-based tourism in resource-rich areas such as historical landscapes, rivers, lakes, beaches, islands and forests.”

Go Myanmar Tours says elegantly about eco-tourism, “The land is so well endowed with a diversity of species, and variety of natural resources that it is an absolutely wonderful paradise for ecotourism. The national ecosystems are considered to be one of the biological reservoirs in Asia. The forests of Myanmar is the habitat of over 7,000 plants and more than 1,000 endemic species. Besides, it also provides the shelter for 1,000 bird species, 300 mammals, and 350 reptiles as recorded…”

Lee Jay Walker, Modern Tokyo Times, says, “It is important that Myanmar reaches out to international tourists and to attract foreign capital, in order to help boost the economy on several fronts. Also, the recent initiatives highlight the fact that politicians understand the need to interact on many international fronts. Therefore, by making travel and investments easier, it should be a win-win for all concerned and this can only help to create more jobs and boost many local economies throughout the nation.”

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