Mysterious Child Hepatitis outbreak hits 1,000: Especially the UK

Mysterious Child Hepatitis outbreak hits 1,000: Especially the UK

Sawako Uchida and Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

The World Health Organization is focused on new Covid-19 variants, monkeypox, a child hepatitis outbreak, and other ongoing viruses of concern. Currently, the reason for the mysterious increase in childhood hepatitis is baffling the medical world.

It is known that 27 percent of all known 1,010 cases are linked to the United Kingdom. Hence, with 35 nations reporting higher cases than usual, the number in the UK needs to be analyzed urgently.

UN News reports, “According to a new update on Wednesday from the World Health Organization (WHO), 35 countries in five regions of the world have now reported more than 1,010 probable cases of unexplained severe acute hepatitis, or liver inflammation, in youngsters, since the outbreak was first detected on 5 April.”

So far, 22 children have died from child hepatitis. Thus, linkages and reasons behind the uptake are being studied by various international institutions.

Of clinical data corresponding to 100 cases, the most common symptoms were nausea (vomiting), jaundice, general body weakness, the yellowing of the skin and eyes, and abdominal pain. Hospitalization once symptoms developed was usually around four days.

UN News reports, “Owing to limited adenovirus surveillance in most countries, it is quite possible that the true number of cases of child hepatitis is higher than currently known.

A small minority of children needed a liver transplant.

The BBC reports, “Another possible explanation is that restrictions imposed in the pandemic may have led to young children being first exposed to adenovirus at a slightly later point in their lives, leading to a “more vigorous” immune response in some.”


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