Nationalist party in Germany threatened by “Progressive Violence:” Frank Magnitz attacked

Nationalist party in Germany threatened by “Progressive Violence:” Frank Magnitz attacked 

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany opened up a can-of-worms by allowing vast numbers of fake refugees – fused with genuine refugees – entering this nation. The consequences of Merkel’s chaotic policy in disregarding vast sections of the indigenous community resulted in the polarization of Germany. Hence, the political rise of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) that supports a nationalist and indigenous cultural approach to stabilizing this nation. Therefore, since Merkel opened up the can-of-worms many fringes irrespective of far-right or far-left – or other political parties that are challenging the main two political parties – have emerged.

In recent times, two brutal political attacks by so-called “progressive forces” have attacked the AfD. The presumption is that both attacks have the hallmarks of the far-left or agitators that cover a spectrum that falls under “progressive forces.”

The result of the latest attack is the hospitalization of Frank Magnitz, the AfD leader of Bremen. He was left with severe injuries after being attacked by three individuals who seek to crush nationalist forces by enacting violence. Therefore, while Merkel and other so-called “progressive forces” have focused on condemning the far right and any political movement being deemed nationalist, it is “progressive forces” on the fringes that are instigating violence.

The BBC reports, Joint party leader Alice Weidel described the incident as an “assassination attempt” while local officials in Bremen blamed “incitement” from the centre-left SPD and Green parties.”

Merkel’s policies of favoring mass immigration and accepting fake refugees in huge numbers are the reason for the rise of the AfD. In other words, so-called progressive political forces have marginalized and treated conservative indigenous Germans with utter contempt. Similarly, genuine refugees and hard-working migrants who have assimilated in Germany feel betrayed because of growing divisions in society based on many brutal attacks committed by newcomers.

One can only imagine what would have happened to Magnitz if people had not come to his rescue. This brutal attack follows an explosion that erupted at an AfD political office last week in Döbeln. Therefore, growing political violence by so-called “progressive forces” on the fringes is seeking to undermine democracy in Germany.

Overall, Merkel’s legacy is sowing the seeds of growing divisions in society and creating an atmosphere of distrust. Likewise, the media and other so-called “progressive forces” have often downplayed brutal sexual crimes committed by “fake refugees” and several well known brutal murders. This bias only plays into the hands of the AfD because normal Germans understand the consequences unleashed by Merkel’s “fake lofty ideals.”

In other words, Merkel is a dream ticket for globalists and supporters of the indigenous replacement theory. Yet, when her rhetoric – and the rhetoric of the mass media and so-called “progressive political forces” incite against nationalists and cultural conservatives, then naturally the recent brutal attacks against the AfD is the consequences of this polarization tactic.

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